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Our People

Meet the Carrick Team

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Carrick Group

Carrick Group Leadership

Craig Featherby

Founder and CEO

Anthony Palmer

Group Commercial Director

Bryan Austen

Group Finance Director

Mike Fannin

Founder and Non-Executive Director

Rashay Makan

Managing Director: Carrick Wealth South Africa

Carrick Wealth

Carrick Wealth Management

Paul Mitchell

General Manager: South Africa

Dale Namnick

Regional Manager: Cape Town

Nic Steyn

Regional Manager – Gauteng

Jandre Venter

Regional Manager – Durban

Ben de Kock

Regional Manager: Pretoria

Private Wealth Managers

Alasdair Muir

Private Wealth Manager

Chris Anderson

Private Wealth Manager

David Monteiro

Private Wealth Manager

Costas Pavlou

Private Wealth Manager

Rudi Andersen

Private Wealth Manager

Courtney Chase

Private Wealth Manager

Craig Saunderson

Private Wealth Manager

David Mann

Private Wealth Manager

Sean Cohen

Private Wealth Manager

Dawid Burger

Private Wealth Manager

Dimitri Di Paolo

Private Wealth Manager

Donovan Jones

Private Wealth Manager

Gabriel Bayhack

Private Wealth Manager

Jarryd Jacklin

Private Wealth Manager

Ryan Gilburt

Private Wealth Manager

Mike Preston

Private Wealth Manager

Sione Gelgor

Private Wealth Manager

Paul de Waal

Private Wealth Manager

Paul Scheepers

Private Wealth Manager

Samantha Bowen

Private Wealth Manager

Seanagh Fannin


Bianca Faddel

Business Development Specialist

Faatimah Davids


Our History

Carrick Wealth started operations in a one-room office in Cape Town with just a handful of colleagues. Driven by the qualities and sound principles Carrick is still built on, we pinnacled to success.

Today we are a full-fledged boutique financial institution. Our operations have expanded to offices in Johannesburg, Durban, Pretoria, Mauritius, Zimbabwe, Malawi and Zambia.

A Culture of Growth

Carrick prides itself on the high calibre of its professional team, which is matched seamlessly to the equally high expectations of our high-net-worth clients.

We are a supportive culture with strong leadership. We invest in long-term training and development to ensure that our team remains cutting edge.

Carrick Consult

Fiduciary Team

Anthony Palmer

Group Commercial Director

Leslie Swart

Managing Director: Carrick Consult, Fiduciary Specialist

Abigail Reynolds

Corporate & Commercial Law Attorney, Mediator: Corporate & Commercial Matters

Katrien Fouche

Fiduciary Specialist

Louis Venter

Fiduciary Specialist

Seugnette Schwim

Fiduciary Specialist

Carrick Group

Operations Management

Cheryl-Lynne Werner

Commissions and Payroll Manager

Tumiso Komane

Human Resource Manager

Nazreen Harper

Head of New Business

Lyness Peterson

New Business Manager: Onshore

Carmen Gribble

Group Finance Manager

Lisa Schronen

Senior Graphic Designer

Michele Murphy

Company Secretarial Administrator

Melisa Geldenhuys

Executive Assistant

Simone Lazo

Marketing Coordinator

Tania Muir

Group Communications Manager

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