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Bryan Austen


Bryan is responsible for the overall financial functioning of the Carrick group. He plays a key role in guiding the board with strategic investment decisions and ensuring the security of the company’s assets. Born and raised in Cape Town, he is an entrepreneur at heart and has always had a passion for numbers and financial markets. He has spent the last ten years in the financial services industry heading up finance teams and overseeing operations across the African region.

Bryan completed his Bachelor of Commerce degree majoring in Economics and Finance and has also completed numerous industry-related qualifications from UCT, CISI and the FSCA regulatory examinations. He sits on several of Carrick’s executive committees and currently heads up the Audit and Remuneration Committee.


Things he is interested in: 

Bryan is an extreme sports enthusiast, a triathlete, mountain biker, and water sports fanatic. He enjoys spending time with his wife Roxanne and children, Maverick and Mackenzie, in nature, on the beach, and in the water.

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