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Whether you are looking to optimise your portfolio, diversify investments or preserve wealth for future generations, partner with Carrick for offshore wealth solutions, international property and expert consulting.

Discover our comprehensive suite of wealth management solutions, tailored to your unique financial goals, embodying our expertise, independence and client-centric approach.

Our Solutions

Our bespoke solutions are designed to guide you along your unique wealth journey. And with a market-leading range of products, you are always offered the best solutions for your wealth-management needs, independent of provider.

Offshore Wealth

As leaders in offshore investment, Carrick can help you expand your investment portfolio offshore and earn returns in foreign currency. Investment diversification, access to global companies, currency protection and tax efficiency are just some of the many benefits.

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South African Wealth

Ensure your financial wellbeing in South Africa with our range of risk, retirement and investment planning solutions.

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Foreign Tax And Currency

Gain seamless assistance with foreign tax clearance and enjoy currency transfers at preferential exchange rates.

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Fiduciary and Financial Consulting

Our expert team of specialist attorneys, accountants and tax practitioners offers fiduciary and financial services with the utmost care and professionalism.

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International Property

Future-proof your wealth with tangible investments in property in some of the world’s most developed and emerging countries.

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Investing For Impact

Invest philanthropically to realise a profitable return while making a sustainable difference to society and the planet.

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The best approaches for protecting yourself, your business and loved ones from the unforeseen:

Our solutions to help preserve your hard-earned wealth for future generations:

Our People

There are no shortcuts to success, which is why we walk a life-long journey with our clients, grounded in transparency, trust and professionalism. Guided by insight, rationalised by market research, and supported by rigorous due diligence, our team of private wealth managers ensures your peace of mind while navigating long-term wealth. 

Our Awards and Testimonials

At Carrick we strive to achieve excellence in all areas of our business, consistently placing us at the forefront of the wealth management industry.

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