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Women & Wealth

At Carrick Athena, we focus on providing women with the support, power and security needed to make informed financial decisions. We understand that by expanding your knowledge, we hand the power over to you, so that you can reach your investment goals and have the confidence to make choices that fit your evolving life plan.

Save. Grow. Live.

What do you want your money to do for you? 
Let’s plan this together and get you there.

The Carrick Athena Story

Creating financial opportunities and choices for women by helping them to understand how to manage their wealth during pivotal life moments.

A Unique Focus on Investing for Women

But, Why Do You Ask?

  • Different lifespans – 74% of women die single – we ultimately benefit from remaining in control of our finances 
  • There is an 86% chance that a woman’s financial advisor is someone she can’t relate to 
  • 70 % of women leave their husband’s financial advisor and structure within a year of his passing – why? They simply don’t relate. 
  • Most women feel they have unique needs that aren’t understood by their current financial advisor 
  • The inequality experienced by women in divorce is significant. Creating offshore assets is imperative in narrowing this gap. 
  • All this will cost hundreds of thousands of rands over a lifetime 
  • Our solution – be in control of your money and make sure a significant portion of it is offshore. 

Meet The Team


Seanagh Fannin


Faatimah Davids



Bianca Faddel

Business Management Specialist


Always puts the client’s needs first 

“Seanagh has been my wealth manager for the past 6 years. What a gem! Seanagh has an awesome personality. Seanagh is charming, with a great sense of humour, is caring and empathetic. She is committed to her work as a wealth specialist and is detail-oriented, very punctual and very ambitious. She always puts the client’s interests first.”

– Althea Mason 

I can thoroughly recommend Seanagh

“Recently my wife and I had discussions with Seanagh Fannin of Carrick Wealth relating to overseas investment. I would like to record my thanks for the way she professionally handled our inquiry, providing all the detailed information requite to make an informed decision. She did not try to pressurise us into making a quick decision and went out of her way to explain all that is involved in setting up an overseas facility suited to our needs. I can thoroughly recommend Seanagh to anyone wanting to investigate such an investment.”

– Client

My financial choices in a positive light 

“Seanagh is the first person who has helped me with my personal finances, and I could not have asked for anyone better. She has really helped me to see my financial choices and situation in a different, more positive light and has motivated me to take this more seriously. What seemed like a trail of unthinking and messy decisions has now been reframed into considered and careful choices and the decisions I have made and continue to make seem to make more sense, economically and socially.”

– Client

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Our team of Private Wealth Managers are here to guide you through your investment journey with expert advice and unrivalled experience. We believe in building strong relationships with our clients and partners. As a result, we are consistently ranked among the top advisory firms in South Africa, and we are able to provide an unmatched offshore investment offering through our global partners.