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Because it's what you have, after you have it all, that counts.

Integrated Wealth Management


At Carrick, we’re dedicated to helping you get the most from your wealth.

Money is transient by nature even when there’s so much of it around. It takes a special kind of leader to understand the power of money and how to turn it into lasting wealth. Growing, protecting and preserving wealth is the true test of financial character.

Carrick are leaders in wealth and capital management. And as leaders, we see our role as helping you achieve your goals by guiding you. We understand how hard you’ve worked for your money, and we keep it growing and keep it secure.

As experienced advisers, we understand the importance of wealth and believe that no one is better placed to help you grow wealth, protect it and preserve it.


Nothing stands still and wealth is no exception. Your wealth needs to work hard simply to retain its value.

As everyone’s needs are different, there are no pre-packaged answers. We get to know you, and the needs of you and your family so as to tailor-make strategies that meet your individual circumstances.


Are your family and financial stability protected from the unpredictability of everyday life?

Planning for these situations eliminates risk and uncertainty. We help you protect your capital assets and income by insuring against eventualities.


How well-defended is your legacy? When you have spent your life’s work creating a lasting legacy for your heirs, now is the time to plan to preserve its integrity.

By developing the right structures, we help you preserve and pass on personal and family wealth as well as business assets.


What Our Clients Say

"Carrick were very well-informed regarding the advantages of switching from a pension fund to QROPS and highlighted all the advantages. They facilitated all the administrative aspects and during the entire process they kept me well-informed. I am pleased to have been introduced to this and would recommend Carrick to anyone considering a QROPS-type plan."

Rory, Cape Town

"Several of my friends and acquaintances became very interested in the decisions I'd made recently regarding my UK pension. I have recommended your service to them.
 Thanks again, and I hope you will get the opportunity to help all these interested people."

Ingrid, Cape Town

"I didn’t know I had a frozen UK pension until Carrick Wealth contacted me. Carrick facilitated the entire process, creating a tailor-made solution for my personal situation. I was surprised to discover the value of the pension I was entitled to and am now secure in the knowledge that I have sufficient money for my retirement, and that my investments are being looked after by true professionals who have my best interests at heart! Thank you – you have changed my life!"

Keith, Cape Town

"I’ve tried in the past to consolidate my investments but life always got in the way. The difference is you made it so easy. You kept me informed and I felt empowered to make decisions about my future."

Lou, Johannesburg

"Carrick Wealth has provided me with wealth creation and offshore investment services, as well as with additional life insurance advice. Jonathan Boyd and Ryan Le Grange have always acted in a most professional manner, standing head and shoulders above other advisers I have contact with.

I must compliment Carrick on the attention to detail and their compliance with local regulations as well as with offshore regulations in Europe. Carrick provides me with regular detailed, quarterly feedback on the performance of my portfolio, and has been fully transparent in giving me access directly to the offshore fund manager, should I need to access that resource."

Rodney, Johannesburg

After having meetings with a few financial service providers, I chose Carrick Wealth to set up my QROPS. I have been very satisfied with the level of service and financial advice that has been provided by my set associate and from the company as a whole. I have and would continue to recommend their services to colleagues and friends.

Alexis, Cape Town