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The global investment arena is transforming at a rapid pace, but integrity and professionalism never go out of fashion. 

Culture at Carrick

We champion respect, integrity, professionalism, mentorship, character development and empowerment, and we seek out those who display the qualities we admire. 

We have a high-trust, high performance culture that attracts some of the most talented individuals in the financial services industry, and we empower them to achieve their career goals. 

Our Values



We maintain transparency in all areas of the business, promote an open door policy and ensure complete access to information. We believe providing access to information removes bureaucracy and promotes creative decision making.



We promote individuals and their interactions over process, thus allowing flexibility, resulting in a personalised culture and customer experience. Moving swiftly is important to us as we compete against industry giants.



We don’t do everything, however what we chose to do makes an impact, is scalable and profitable. As such we strive for excellence in the work that we do and hold ourselves accountable to deliver in a manner that represents performance excellence.


Continuous Learning

Growth is at the core of how we measure success, for our team and our clients. We are only able to push boundaries and grow as an organisation if we focus on people development and growing internally. We believe curiosity is at the core of personal development and aim to promote curiosity throughout the organisation.


Customer Success

Achieving superior outcomes for clients is at the core of Carrick’s value proposition and achieving this consistently, builds client loyalty. We believe achieving customer satisfaction begins with the embodiment of a positive attitude and hence we aim to foster an environment where positivity thrives.



Being humble promotes open engagements resulting in new ideas and creative thinking. We steer clear of false pride and guard against arrogance to allow for space to always advance. We are aware our success is a result of rigorous consistency and are always willing to learn more.

Career Opportunities

See our current positions available below, read more and apply for consideration to join the Carrick team.

More Opportunities

Our Story

Carrick Wealth was born out of the desire to turn the world into a better, more trusting society. We consistently strive to stand head and shoulders above our competitors. We aim to present ourselves to the public as a trusted company, offering exceptional service delivery and more importantly, meaningful client relationships.

Giving Back

We are an integral part of the landscape in South Africa, and it is an absolute passion to give back and uplift communities in need while we stand together in unity as a nation.

Do you champion respect, integrity, professionalism, mentorship, and character development?

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