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Wealth Solutions

Elevate your global wealth with tailored Offshore Solutions to maximise growth, protection, and preservation.

Reach Your Financial Goals Across The Globe

Expand your investment portfolio offshore and earn returns in foreign currency.

The Benefits of Investing Offshore

Investment Portfolio Diversification

Investing outside of domestic markets allows for diversity of geography, currency, asset class and industry, which reduces volatility and the risk of poorly performing investments.

Access To

Companies that hold a global footprint provide investors like yourself with exposure to profitable growth opportunities, while increasing the likelihood of greater returns.

Currency And

Offshore investments provide robust protection against the volatility and risk in uncertain domestic markets, and you enjoy additional flexibility by earning returns in foreign currencies.


By developing offshore succession structures, we help you preserve and pass on personal and family wealth as well as business assets in a tax-efficient and flexible manner.


Offshore investments allow you to protect your wealth by shifting a portion of your tax burden to offshore jurisdictions with a more competitive tax rate.

Tailored Offshore
Investment Solutions

There is no one-size-fits-all solution to investing offshore. At Carrick we develop solutions to specifically meet your needs. We start by considering your current financial position and identifying your desired financial position. A bespoke investment strategy is then developed to help bridge the gap between your current financial reality and your future financial goals and aspirations.

Options Include The Following, To Name A Few:

We make use of state-of-the-art internationally regulated platforms, which give our clients access to a global selection of funds and investments. Invest directly on global markets, or make use of our bespoke discretionary fund management services in a user-friendly, cost-effective and transparent manner.

Offshore endowments located in reputable offshore jurisdictions (such as the Isle of Man) allow for tax efficient and seamless investment options. Benefits include ease of tax administration, efficient transfer to beneficiaries via a capital redemption contract, and a wide selection of funds and investments.

Trusts are excellent investment vehicles to protect assets, and they have the ability to hold a wide array of asset classes, including; property, shares and art or collectibles. They also allow for effective distribution of assets to beneficiaries. An offshore trust that is regulated in a secure jurisdiction allows for robust wealth creation, tax-efficient management and succession planning.

Offshore companies allow business owners in particular to consolidate global earnings in an optimised structure. Benefits include convenient administration, tax optimisation, asset protection and a robust legal framework.

With an offshore pension, you can save for retirement in hard currencies and secure jurisdictions. It offers the flexibility to access pension benefits at retirement age and pass on wealth to beneficiaries. With access to global investment opportunities, our offshore pension structure enhances earnings potential, and provides additional tax and succession planning benefits.

Our property division also hand selects international properties for real estate investment opportunities vetted by our investment committee. These tangible assets are ideal for wealth succession.

We Partner With Only The Best International Providers

You Can Trust In The Acclaimed Industry Leaders

Carrick Wealth’s top-tier offshore investment planning is based on our deep collective experience, international footprint and global partnerships.

With A Track Record Of Success And Internationally Acclaimed Awards, You Can Be Assured That Your Offshore Portfolio Is In Good Hands.

international structures established
clients guided towards financial success
reputable international firms as partners
prestigious awards proudly won

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