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Foreign Exchange Solutions Include

Foreign Tax Clearance
and Currency Transfers

Save on Exchange Rates and Avoid the Administrative Hassle

Together with trusted currency experts, Carrick FX assists clients like yourself with the process of obtaining foreign tax clearance from SARS and facilitates a currency transfer of your funds at preferential exchange rates, ensuring you save money on the exchange rates from your bank. Our foreign exchange services are outlined below.

Completion of
required forms

We take care of completing the required exchange control, SARS foreign tax clearance and currency forms, saving you the headache.

Tax clearance

We apply for the free SARS foreign tax clearance certificates (FTCCs) on your behalf, receipt of which takes 1 to 3 days.


Benefit from preferential all-inclusive foreign exchange rates, enabling you to save on the retail exchange rates from your bank (with zero commissions and administration fees).


We assist with Annual Discretionary Allowance and Foreign Capital Allowance currency transfers.

SARB approvals

We arrange for special SARB approvals for amounts greater than the annual individual allowances of R11 million.

Would you like help with your foreign exchange needs?

Speak to a Carrick Private Wealth Manager

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