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Sione Gelgor


Tell us about how you contribute to the success of Carrick Wealth as an organisation.

I bring high energy and innovative solutions to Carrick to help develop the business so that everyone can benefit. I share my experience and technical skills gained over a 30-year career in financial services.


What is the best part about your job?

Meeting new people every day and understanding their life story and then helping them to understand and take ownership of their finances.


Tell us about your personal and professional growth while working at Carrick. 

Working at Carrick, I improved my story-telling ability and was able to move away from being a pure technical numbers man and getting away from the detail.


What is a typical day at work like for you? 

Very busy. It involves speaking to existing clients and potential clients with many meetings. In addition, there’s always the training and learning of new skills, be it technical, marketing, interpersonal or IT.

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