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Seugnette Schwim


Seugnette studied and obtained her LLB from the Northwest University in Potchefstroom.  She started her career under the mentorship and training of specialists in various financial and legal disciplines as panel member and legal advisor at a consulting firm.  It is here where her passion for the growing and preservation of wealth for her clients developed into a life mission.   

Seugnette went on to qualify as a practicing attorney, specializing in the fiduciary field.  After spending a short period of time in the corporate sector, it was Seugnette’s holistic approach to dealing with a family group’s assets that fit perfectly into the Wealth Succession methodology that she now actively applies to Carrick Consult Clients as Fiduciary Consultant.   

As a Director of Schwim Venter Inc., Seugnette guides her clients through the obstacles of Personal and Property law as it pertains to their wealth structure.  Seugnette holds an LLM in Estate Law from the Northwest University.

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