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Dawid Burger


Tell us about how you contribute to the success of Carrick Wealth as an organization.

My new team and I have identified the opportunity to serve clients across Africa. These clients have been left without investment advice for years as most of the big investment houses and banks pulled out of Africa. The opportunity involves working closely with accounting firms and other Carrick partners across Africa to build a long term sustainable new business pipeline and to assist clients in their financial needs.


What is the best part about your job? 

I’m in a position to get to know my clients on a very personal level, understand their life goals and aspirations and then build a financial plan to support their goals.


Tell us about your personal and professional growth while working at Carrick. 

I believe that being involved with new groundbreaking projects and being allowed to use all my creativity, skills and years of experience to build new financial solutions has contributed the most to my personal and professional growth. I have met the most incredible people along the way that had an impact on this growth. 


What is a typical day at work like for you? 

My day will start by getting up to speed with world events and market news, followed by planning for the week and day ahead. Then it is working through my to do lists making sure I don’t miss any details whilst focusing on my client meetings.

Words to Live By