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Understanding UK Property Tax

The rules around tax are intricate enough when you’re buying property in your own country; when you take that process offshore, you quickly understand the value of consulting a qualified professional.    

UK property as a long-term investment can yield high returns and is an effective means of hard currency exposure. Considering the impact and cost of taxes on your overall investment, it’s essential to ensure that you have (or at least your advisor has) a sound understanding of all the taxes that come with owning property in the UK.   

Understanding the complete ins and outs of buying, holding and disposing of UK property assets can be complex and is often overlooked.  

Transparency is the key word we stand by when assisting our clients in buying property overseas, and we work hand in hand with one of the UK’s top-rated accounting firms, HWFisher, to ensure our clients are fully informed  

Our latest tax guide, in partnership with HWFisher, is available to download for everything you need to know about tax when looking at UK property as an investment for your 2023 portfolio. 

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