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Bespoke Wealth Solutions

For True Financial Peace of Mind

When partnering with Carrick to manage and grow your portfolio, you have access to bespoke, best in-class onshore and offshore wealth management solutions that have been driven by data and your unique investment needs.

See an overview of our wealth management solutions below, explore each of these solutions or contact one of our Private Wealth Managers.

Overview of Our Wealth Solutions

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Offshore Wealth Solutions

Expand your financial portfolio to benefit from offshore investments and enjoy returns on foreign currencies. At Carrick we have deep collective experience, an international footprint and global partnerships which enable clients like yourself to reap the rewards of offshore diversification.

Solutions include state-of-the-art internationally regulated platforms, offshore endowments and risk management, trusts as investment vehicles, offshore companies as well as pensions in hard currencies and secure jurisdictions. Education planning, employee benefit schemes and lumpsum investment solutions are also offered. If global citizenship is your goal, our offshore wealth solutions are the path to get there.

International Property

Secure your financial freedom by investing in international property within secure and developed property markets. The wealth benefits are numerous, with currency exposure and protection from local economic and political stability at the fore.

Our offshore property division not only brings these high-growth property investment opportunities to your door, but also manages the process seamlessly; from research, through to purchasing and after-exchange support.

Foreign Tax And Currency

Carrick clients have access to foreign tax clearance and currency transfer services, maximising their savings on exchange rates without having to deal with the headache of regulation compliance.

We assist by liaising with local revenue services on your behalf, securing the tax clearance certificates required to move your funds offshore and we offer preferential exchange rates to help you save.

Investing For Impact

Carrick Impact is a philanthropic investment solution, which allows you to have a positive impact while you make a return.

Our results-driven mechanism connects you directly with the impact you are making on people, the youth and the planet in Africa specifically. We strive to ensure that in one, five, or ten years from now, you can be confident that the investments we’ve made have contributed not just to feelings of generosity, but quantifiable progress and impact.

Fiduciary and Financial Consulting

Our team of highly experienced consultants offer personalised fiduciary and financial services to help optimise your financial portfolio and protect your assets.

With a strong relationship orientation, grounded in integrity and transparency, our consultants walk the journey with you to ensure your financial success.

Speak to a Carrick Private Wealth Manager

Our local team of Private Wealth Managers are here to guide you through your investment journey with expert advice and unrivalled experience.

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