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Twape Mtila


Twape holds an MA Degree in Economics and Trade from Zhejiang Normal University, as well as a B.Com in Economics and Business Management from Nelson Mandela University.

He has over 9-years of experience working in the Malawian Financial Sector and has managed multi-million-dollar asset portfolios. Twape has experiencing providing specialist advice on lump sum investments, offshore property investment, offshore trusts, and tax efficient structuring.

While leading the Carrick Malawi team, Twape strives to provide our clients with the highest levels of service and the professional advice that will help enable them to achieve their wealth creation goals, for themselves and future generations.


Things he’s interested in: 

Twape enjoys listening to podcasts about football and music and watching Liverpool games on the weekend. Reading autobiographies and keeping up with politics and current affairs.

Words to Live By