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Paul Jeffreys


Paul has brought to Carrick Investment Services over thirty years of experience in the financial services industry. He began his financial services career at a young age, working for a business in which his family owned a stake. After his father retired and sold his shares, Paul took up a role at Lloyds TSB Private Bank in Malaysia as Vice President. He later helped the business relocate to Singapore, where he too established a new home.

Shortly thereafter, he joined Coutts Bank Schweiz as a senior private banker. In 2004, Paul obtained a license via the Monetary Authority of Singapore to establish Jigsaw Wealth Management, which ultimately became one of the largest expat-focused accredited investor-based businesses in Singapore. He simultaneously established international wealth management services provider, Pearl River Capital in Hong Kong and Tokyo.  

After over 20 years spent working in the Far East, Paul relocated to his hometown of Guernsey where he branched back into banking for two years. Looking to create opportunities to re-enter the wealth management space, he moved his family over to Mauritius in April 2022.   

Focusing on helping African clients protect their wealth by investing in global markets, was too big an opportunity for Paul to miss. His knowledge and experience in the financial services industry will be of great value in helping clients put plans in place to meet their long-term objectives. 


Things he’s interested in: 

Paul is a devote father to Alex, Mia and Oscar. He is besotted with his wife and spends every living moment that he is not at work or in the gym with his family. 

Words to Live By