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Navigating UK Income, Capital Gains and Inheritance Tax Exposure

Are you an African resident with a UK passport?   Are you an African resident who owns property in the UK?   Are you an African resident doing business in the UK?  Is your children’s education UK-centric with regular visits to the UK? Do you have potential establishment in the UK and corresponding UK filing obligations?    […]

Investing 101 – Money is Power And Women Need More of Both

YOU DEFINE YOU ...not your married name or who your family wants you to be. Your finances should echo this.   But, where to start? What to do? What questions to ask? Life as a woman has many pivotal moments. Having money means creating choices and options in these moments so that you can do […]

Hard Currency Life Cover for African Residents

Discover the remarkable advantages of Hard Currency Life Cover, from securing your legacy and creating generational wealth, to optimizing tax planning and fostering real-world financial growth.    This liquid asset grows alongside you and your family; why individuals are choosing life cover as the key component to their financial future and the ultimate safety net.  Join […]