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International Mortgages


Whether you already own a property offshore and wish to find a better lending rate on your existing mortgage, or you plan to buy a new property offshore, you will be faced with a few challenges, especially if you do not speak the local language. Approaching a foreign bank for finance can be daunting.

At Carrick we have a great deal of experience in successfully arranging mortgages. We have the infrastructure to help you buy your first holiday home overseas. Or we can assist you with re-mortgaging your current home, or arrange a mortgage for you on an international investment property.

Being a fully independent brokerage, we have access to the best offshore mortgages internationally.

Our financial advisers can provide you with guidance regarding how to finance a property, and how to find the most competitive rates when buying abroad.

Foreign Exchange


Highly competitive exchange rates beating high street Offshore banks

We can help you, or your company, source the best foreign exchange deals for all your Offshore foreign investment needs.

At Carrick, we have the ability to facilitate foreign exchange transactions to and from every major global destination except for funds originating from Zimbabwe due to the exchange control requirements by the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe. Via our forex partner we have access to numerous sources of liquidity and currency at the best rates and the lowest fees anywhere in the world.

We offer a secure and cost-effective alternative to high street Offshore banks and, most importantly, we’re faster and easier to use.

Significant benefits

  • Excellent exchange rates — guaranteed to beat high street Offshore banks
  • Fast transactions, with clearance within two working days
  • Efficient process, uploading transfers online or via phone/email
  • Highly experienced FX consultants
  • International exchange control expertise
  • Forward contract, stop-loss and limit order capabilities
  • * Highly skilled in G10 currencies

Please note: We are not able to deal with foreign currency transactions for funds originating from your Zimbabwean bank account as they require exchange control approval by the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe and must be traded via a Registered Zimbabwean Bank only.