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Abrie Collard  


As the Regional Manager for Namibia at Carrick Wealth, Abrie brings over 18 years of comprehensive financial experience to the forefront, with the last eight years spent at senior executive levels. His educational journey, including Bachelor of Accounting Science, Chartered Management Accountant and Financial Planning and Wealth Management Professional Certification, underscores a commitment to continuous professional development. 

In Abrie’s capacity as a Financial Director, he successfully navigated complex financial landscapes, ensuring regulatory compliance and implementing robust strategies. His ability to cultivate enduring relationships, paired with a profound understanding of financial markets and investment strategies, uniquely positions Abrie to address the sophisticated needs of high and ultra-high net worth clients. 

At Carrick Wealth Namibia, he is dedicated to upholding the values, fostering a culture of respect and professionalism where integrity is paramount. Abrie believes that Carrick’s wealth management philosophy, encapsulated in the slogan “Preserve, Protect, and Grow Your Wealth,” reflects the group’s commitment to safeguarding and enhancing clients’ financial well-being. 

In his role as Regional Manager for Namibia, Abrie is enthusiastic about translating this ethos into tailored strategies, ensuring the lasting prosperity of our clients’ wealth in the Namibian region. He is committed to contributing to the firm’s success by delivering unparalleled wealth management services while upholding the highest ethical standards. 

Words to Live By