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Diversify your portfolio and explore investing in international property with access to secure, high-growth and developed property jurisdictions.


Gain access to foreign exchange solutions that provide fast, secure, and cost-effective access to foreign currencies.


Optimise and grow your investments with Private Wealth Managers dedicated to helping you get the most out of your wealth.


Comprehensive wealth management and financial advisory services, for British citizens and others currently working or residing in the UK.


Join a community of like-minded women and take charge of your financial future by building goal-based investment plan. 

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The Carrick Investment Committee conducts a full due diligence on investment firms and organisations. Our vetting process ensures we only offer investment options that meet our exceedingly high standards.


Carrick Investment

Carrick’s Investment Committee exists to protect our firm’s integrity and ensure our investment decisions and partnerships are in line with the highest possible regulatory and ethical standards.

Whilst we are approached by many investment houses from across the globe, we select only a handful to explore a relationship, and conduct a detailed analysis of every aspect of their business and investment offerings. Our Investment Committee ensures that all investment houses meet Carrick’s high standards of transparency, successful track record, consistency in business and excellent reputation.

investment committee

Why have an Investment Committee?

As an investor, you are likely to ask yourself these critical questions:

1. Have I chosen the right investment?
2. How do I know if my portfolio is in good hands?
3. Does my financial adviser have motives that could affect the success of my investment?

To ensure consistently premium service and investment advice to our clients, we have handpicked a committee that analyses all potential investment options and houses.

The Investment Committee is a Carrick initiative that was created to guarantee the transparency of investment houses we consider for our clients. There are currently six committee members, comprising of members from Carrick and external members.

Carrick’s rigorous standards

The Investment Committee meets once a month to conduct thorough investment reviews and approve a list of investment options to make available to Carrick Specialists. Advisers then select the appropriate strategy that fits their client’s risk profile.

When reviewing investment houses, we consider any potential conflicts of interest, and debate the merits of their pedigree, performance and reputation. We consider how long they have been in business, review their past performances and look at the value of their assets, along with fees and expense ratios.

Most importantly, we discuss their philosophy, sentiment and mandate and explore the extent to which these align with Carrick’s values. In addition, the committee regularly reviews existing relationships to ensure investment houses are operating within their mandates, and that their risk-adjusted returns are in line with our expectations.

Investment Committee Members