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The Carrick Way

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A message from Craig Featherby, Group Chief Executive Officer

"By building trust and exceeding your expectations we’ve become one of the fastest growing brokerages in Africa.

We're dedicated to helping you get the most from your wealth. That's why we're continually bringing you the latest news, opinions and views that affect your wealth and your future.

With better information, you make better decisions."

Our Culture

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At Carrick we champion respect, integrity, professionalism, mentorship and character development. And we seek out those who display the qualities we admire.

Our aim is to create a company of leaders who will eventually grow to lead the wealth and capital management industry.

Carrick leads by example and experience. We lead our clients and our colleagues, and most of all we lead ourselves.

The Story Of Our Brand

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There are many talkers in the money game, many players, and many soothsayers that promise a utopia of wealth. But in their world they don't understand the true meaning of wealth. They scramble for a quick-win, and an overnight success, but what they don't understand is that wealth and financial independence is created by careful planning.

Having a thorough understanding of your financial situation and following a strategic implementation plan ensures long lasting growth and financial security.

Investment Philosophy

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The greatest of leaders will attest to the fact that there are no shortcuts to success. Wealth management is never a single step, but a life-long voyage driven by sound financial principles. As people live longer and fuller lives, Carrick's advisory team employs financial diversification and active portfolio management to prepare our clients for a truly prosperous future. Guided by a masterful understanding of your financial situation, through careful financial planning, strategic implementation and ongoing management, we build long-term wealth.

We earn the trust of clients through expertise and advice delivered to the highest ethical standards in accordance with a rigid code of conduct. As champions of your financial destiny, capital protection is the central pillar in our success. We respect the assets that our highly successful clients have spent their lives accumulating.

The security of your money is our chief concern and we employ the legal and technical knowledge and investment experience gained over decades to defend and grow your wealth. Perhaps that's why even the most risk-averse clients feel confident under our protection.

Doing The Right Thing

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No matter how liquid your portfolio, trust is one thing that can never be purchased. It is something that compounds over time through strict adherence to an unquestionable code of conduct.

Carrick not only complies with mandatory industry requirements and ethical practices. Trustworthiness is written into our ethos as a company.