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Regular Premium Savings

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Helping you save for your future

Have you thought about every possible eventuality that could affect your financial well-being?

The need to save should be the bedrock of every individual’s financial plan. Does the plan that you currently have cater for additional retirement provision? Are you aware of the escalating costs of education and whether your current plan will be able to accommodate the needs of your children or grandchildren? You may be called upon to pay for more than one wedding or to assist your children onto the property ladder.

Regular premium products are unit-linked, whole-of-life, life assurance products. Instead of a single premium, you pay regular premiums. Such products offer flexible, affordable investment solutions in the offshore market, and, more importantly, such products help you to build up cash reserves for future expenses.

Significant benefits

  • Affordable premiums
  • Less exposure to volatility than with a lump sum premium
  • Your investment is averaged in different investment cycles, thus protecting you from market risks
  • Tax benefits across the full term of the term of paying premiums