Chris Bertish accepts Carrick Wealth Ambassadorship

International Speaker, Author, Ocean Pioneer and the first person to single-handedly stand-up paddleboard (SUP) across the Atlantic Ocean – Chris Bertish – has accepted an offer to become an Ambassador for Carrick Wealth.

Chris Bertish, the 42-year-old South African who made the 7500km crossing in 93 days, completely unsupported and unassisted, said he is proud to accept an offer to be an ambassador for Carrick due to Carrick’s corporate ethic of independence, its positive attitude and vision for the future of South Africa. Carrick’s ability to positively navigate through challenging times sat well with Chris’s always positive, optimistic attitude to deal with and overcome any obstacle and challenge that comes his way, both in and out of the water. Furthermore, the partnership complements his adventurous spirit, passion for adventure, and his compassion for others.

“I’m inspired by pushing my own limits, borders and boundaries,” said Chris. “And through the adventures and world records I achieve, I hope I’m inspiring others to believe in themselves and what’s possible.”

While he seeks to inspire and help others, Chris also acknowledges that he surrounds himself with people who inspire and help him. He is the first to point out that while he was the man who stood, paddled and endured overwhelming challenges for 93 days, without a great team behind him, it wouldn’t have been possible.

But Chris had a mission. He didn’t just wake up one morning and say, “Right, I’m doing a Trans-Atlantic crossing,” proceeding to order a designer-built SUP. He had a clear purpose and made a detailed plan to achieve it: the planning stage lasted five years, almost two thousand days.

Carrick’s Director of Development and Brand Kieron McRae, said this combination of a bold vision, a clear plan of action and total focus is what lies at the heart of Carrick’s relationship with its clients. It was Chris’s attitude, vision and integrity that made him an ideal Carrick Wealth Ambassador.

“We consider our clients as part of the team. We establish what they have in mind and what they want to achieve,” said Kieron. “Then we have a clear purpose that enables us to put in place the necessary plans to make that cross over into reality.”

Carrick Wealth CEO, Craig Featherby, said: “Chris is the embodiment of our corporate culture: independent and smart, focused but adaptable. We are proud to have Chris on board.”

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