What a difference a year makes…

By: Craig Featherby


It’s true that “time flies when you’re having fun” and, whilst your definition of fun may differ from the next person (and mine for that matter), our first year has lived up to every definition that. Like any journey of real significance, it has been marked by twists, turns, adventures, the expected and a healthy dose of the unexpected. Throughout the journey, we have grown as individuals, as a team and as an organization. And the realisation of what can be achieved when a group of like-minded people put their minds to it is what lingers most in my mind.
Brian Joffe of Bidvest is quoted having said that “companies report growth, people create it” and that is so true. I have learnt many lessons throughout my business career, but I honestly believe that regardless of the nature of your business, three factors remain critical to your success: your people, your brand and your clients. Simple concepts perhaps, but ultimately each of the aspects have levels and degrees of “complexity” woven into them (most of which are far too complex to even consider in this thought piece).
Looking back over what we have created during the last year, I can honestly say that we have built an incredible team of people. We often glibly say that “people are our most valuable asset”, but I would like to add an additional thought to that: “the most valuable asset we have is the willingness of our people”. None of what we have achieved would have been possible without our people putting “their all” into what we have created.
The Carrick brand has certainly created some intense interest in the market and a few waves as well. I might have guessed that starting off with a Loerie Award nomination would be an indicator of great things to come and when I meet with the giant international product providers and listed companies in the financial industry, every single one of them has heard of Carrick and the business we are writing.
Last but not least to you, our clients, none of the above would be of any value at all were it not for the faith you have chosen to place in Carrick. For that, I firstly wish to thank you for your support and, secondly, my team and I will continue to deliver on our promise of integrity, trust and honesty by providing the highest levels of service and products to match.
I have no doubt that when we have this conversation again in a year’s time, there will be many more stories to tell and that as a leadership team we will continue to have the “first class problem” of having to deal with exponential growth.
To quote Joffe again: “standing up is a challenge, falling depends on your ego”. I assure you that we will be standing tall, but it will never go to our heads or get taken for granted.
Until next month…

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