Gareth Bew joins the Carrick Group as our new Director: Technology

It is with great pleasure that Carrick Wealth announces the appointment on contract of Gareth Bew as the Group’s Director: Technology. Gareth is a highly skilled and qualified achiever whose extensive experience over two decades has spanned IT and financial services among other sectors. He will oversee technology transformation while also managing key relationships and strategic developments at Carrick.

Gareth’s core role will be to establish the perfect fusion between Carrick’s team of professional advisors and support team, and the use of advanced technology to further enhance the Group’s overall offering and provide the best possible client experience in the financial services environment.

The services he brings to the Group include oversight of third-party providers, data management and strategic IT initiatives and planning.

“I believe Gareth is the perfect fit for this very important function in the Group,” says Carrick Founder and Group CEO, Craig Featherby. “He brings to Carrick a wealth of skills and experience. I am absolutely chuffed to have Gareth join the team.”

“His experience and his “get-it-sorted” attitude are going to assist the company greatly in our quest to be a digitally advanced financial advisory firm and truly find the balance between great people and great technology,” says Craig.

In his professional career, Gareth has worked extensively in the financial services and banking industry, thus gaining excellent experience in and a thorough understanding of the sector.

“I am so incredibly blessed and excited to have joined the Carrick family of companies to lead the drive in technology and vision aimed at establishing the principles and values of a new digital tomorrow,” said Gareth upon joining Carrick. “That will not only encourage our customers’ confidence but will also ensure growth and sustainability through dynamic evolution in digitization and transformation.”

“My leadership style, experience, and business skills are closely aligned to the needs that modern business structures look for in key strategic positions. I believe this, paired with my energetic people-focused personality and creative entrepreneurial qualities, positions me well to drive direction and delivery across the full spectrum of core business functions and values,” says Gareth.

A native of Cape Town, Gareth matriculated at Wynberg Boys’ High School in 1998. He went on to gain a host of professional qualifications in the IT, information systems, software, and computer fields, in organisational and business development, and in digital marketing and project management. Gareth holds a Master of Science (MSc) degree in Global Business Management from the University of Salford, as well as qualifications from the Emeritus Columbia Business School and Wits University Business School

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