Carrick Wealth Botswana Is Open For Business

We are really excited to announce the opening of Carrick Wealth Botswana in Gaborone. Our teams have been working diligently to put the groundwork in place, and this first week in October we have been given the go-ahead to operate.

This honour marks the opening of our sixth office within 24 months –  and our third international base.

Although the size of the population in Botswana, in comparison with South Africa, is small, the economy is very well-managed and there is a long history of political stability. The Pula is competitive relative to the inflation differential and investors will be pleased to know that the country has signed up to various world financial agreements which ensure financial security, and that the high-net-worth market is flourishing.  All these conditions set the ground for our Botswana team to do great work in the country.

Carrick’s mission is to change the face of financial services in Africa by establishing itself as the most knowledgeable, most connected and most reputable advisory. In line with our international high code of ethics and training, we will lead the way in wealth management, and the excellent ethos of doing business in Botswana will certainly assist us to achieve this.

Managing Director Andrew Mhere, (also MD of Carrick Wealth Zimbabwe), will be taking up the helm in Gaborone and he is joined by four Associates: Lucy Baffoe, Kabo Kgopo, Goabaone Otisitswe and Greg Elliot. Assisting the Associates are Jane Lechiile, Laura Benifield and Michael Mpofu. Kevin Day has been appointed General Manager of the Gaborone office, and Banyana Mannathoko administers all sales and compliance issues.

This team is set to offer high-net-wealth clients and others starting out on their wealth journey, various financial solutions, including regular premiums products, retirement planning, the forming of offshore investment structures, portfolio management, private equity and venture capital asset allocation.

Our Botswana team looks forward to partnering with other industry professionals in Botswana to provide advice in areas where proficiency is best left to Carrick as a result of our experience and expertise.

Group Chief Executive Office Craig Featherby and his board of directors wish the Botswana team well and trust that Carrick Wealth Botswana will go from strength to strength.

Contact our team in Gaborone to discuss your financial planning needs on +269 800 300 1221 or send an email to [email protected]

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