Carrick Development Academy

By Rashay Makan


carrick development academy

The brand new Carrick Development Academy facilities

At Carrick, we live and breathe investments. We understand the universal principle of sowing something now to reap a reward later, even in the face of hardship or potential risk.
We also understand that not all investments are financial.


We invest time and values in our children in the hope that we will see them released as mature, contributing adults into society.
We invest in our business or staff members to see them become happier, more productive employees, resulting in a better business down the line.
And we invest in education. We believe it is our corporate responsibility to invest in our industry, and in our country. If we hope to see a better standard of work ethic and understanding in our young workforce, and a more stable economy in the long run, investment in skills development and education in this sector is key.


carrick development academy

The facilities are kitted out with top quality equipment

This is why we are happy to announce the launch of our very own Carrick Development Academy.
The Carrick Development Academy serves as a mechanism for individuals to grow within the financial advisory industry and gain a strong insight into their chosen career path.
The Academy is an 18 to 24 month development program which will allow participants to rotate and gain valuable experience in all areas of the financial advisory sector.
Graduates from the Academy will have completed their RE5 regulatory examination, CISI (Chartered Institute for Securities and Investment) qualification as well as a qualification in their area of focus. Key areas include portfolio management, compliance, risk management and financial sales.
In light of the recent academic #feesmustfall protests, we believe this Academy is part of the answer to a greater need for skills development and empowerment in a rather niched sector.
carrick development academy

Rashay Makan, Head of the Carrick Development Academy

Traditionally, this sector does not have much in the form of structured support or programmes, which has resulted in a bit of a ‘DIY’ legacy in the industry.  The Academy’s goal is to channel and reinforce the drive and independent motivation so often found in successful financial advisors, while giving them much needed support and exposure within their field of choice.
More than that, after gaining intensive theoretical qualifications as well as holistic experiential financial advisory knowledge, successful graduates from the Academy will be offered the opportunity to become an Associate within Carrick Wealth.
This way, we ensure that we not only invest in skills development and education in our industry, but we provide a potential career where associates have the ability to build their own business within Carrick Wealth, dependent on their areas of focus and expertise. This ties into our vision of being advisory and employer of choice in the industry.


To find out if you qualify to apply to this Academy contact:

Email: [email protected]
Tel: 021 201 1000

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