The Trump Effect and Market Volatility

shutterstock_216021430-smlIn moments like these, people look for strong leadership, communication and information.

Markets have shocks like this on a regular basis, take Brexit as an example, where after an almost 10% sell-off the market rebounded within a month. Carrick portfolios have been designed with diversification as a key underpinning with investment risk spread across various asset classes, geographies, industries and currencies.

Carrick has created strong, stable investments for our clients that have stood up against world events and human nature is often to panic when markets experience short-term volatility.  The Carrick Investment Committee’s experience is to keep a calm head as markets often overshoot and then recover.

“Resist the urge. Making a dramatic shift in your investments in the midst of a market crisis is unlikely to end well. You have a well-diversified portfolio, one that is geared to your goals and risk tolerance and therefore I suggest you are probably better off staying put,” commented Craig Featherby, Group CEO.

Panic sellers often forget the lessons learnt, sell low and rebuy at market highs. In fact, it could be argued that there now exists a buying opportunity for the brave. Our investments are however long-term and our advice would be to watch the show from the side lines.

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