Carrick appoints Rashay Makan to Board of Directors

CAPE TOWN – Carrick Wealth announced the appointment of Rashay Makan, Director of Strategic Projects, to the Board of Directors. Makan joined the company in 2014 and his duties recently included the position of Managing Director of the Carrick Development Academy.

Chief Executive Officer Craig Featherby said the appointment reflected the high regard with which Makan was viewed within the company.Rashay Makan

“Rashay has brought exceptional skills and professionalism to the company from his early days as a Business Development Manager to his recent position as head of our Strategic Projects,” he said. “As a member of the Board, he will be part of the team driving our business expansion across the continent while continuing to play an important role in our Development Academy.”

Makan, who is originally from Port Elizabeth, has a B Sc [Finance] from the University of Cape Town, and entered the financial services industry in 2012. Since joining Carrick he has worked on a number of projects including structured note investment analysis, the development of financial planning models, and devising sales planning and implementation strategies.

“The work I have done with Craig and the Board has been an exciting challenge,” said Makan. “I believe that as a Board member I can continue to make valuable and strategic innovations to the company. I am particularly excited about our new opportunities in Africa.”

Makan would also be involved in the company’s drive to continue to stay at the vanguard of financial regulatory compliance in order to ensure that its clients receive the best financial service and wealth management available.

Featherby said that hiring, promoting, and retaining top-notch professionals such as Makan was integral to the company’s success. “We’re always going to be measured by the quality of our people, and so we do our best to keep the best.”

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