Corporate Social Responsibility

We are passionate about Africa and committed to making a real difference in the lives of disadvantaged communities. This goal can only be achieved through positive, meaningful partnerships.

Sustainable sponsorship

Our chosen CSI partner, Signature of Hope Trust (SOH), is a direct reflection of this culture. Carrick is proud to support Signature of Hope Trust to achieve their mandate. Signature of Hope Trust is an accredited non-profit, public benefit (18A) organisation, structured as a charitable trust, raising funds through personal and corporate donations. These donations are dispersed to local non-profit organisations 9NPO's.


Signature of Hope Trust

South Africa's NGO's face significant challenges in achieving their goals and objectives. The challenges faced are often internally generated and arise from issues such as poor management, lack of transparency for donors and even corruption.

Whilst NGO’s battle these challenges, South Africa remains in desperate need for long-term, sustainable solutions to tackle hunger, education, housing and many other poverty related challenges. Signature of Hope firmly believes the challenges facing South Africa cannot be solved by NGO's acting independently and without clear framework. Solutions need to be aligned towards collaboration to achieve long-term, sustainable solutions. NGO’s need to work together to achieve a common solution with the aim of creating positive change for this country.

The Trust's aim is to create mechanisms and implement systems to achieve centralized funding for NGO's which can allow for more focused collaboration. In order to prevent internally generated NGO challenges such as management, transparency and corruption issues, it aims to create an independent regulatory NGO body. The body will also be responsible for training, development and upskilling of NGO's to meet these standards.


  • Create collective vision and purpose for all NGO’s.
  • Implement positive, meaningful and sustainable change in South Africa.


  • To create centralized funding mechanisms for NGO’s.
  • Lead the way for the creation of an NGO regulatory body.


  • Uphold the core principle of trust, transparency and professionalism.
  • Conduct all activities at a standard which benchmarks NGO activity.

Visit to see how you an help make a lasting difference in the lives of South Africa's most vulnerable communities.

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