Carrick Concierge is our service promise to you. A promise that we will be with you every step of the way of your investment journey. With Carrick Concierge, your personal financial adviser is at your fingertips to help you manage your investment portfolio and financial planning needs.

As a Carrick Concierge member, you will have secure access anytime, anywhere, to your personal profile and investment portfolio with real-time market valuations. You will be able to edit your profile as well as request service from your dedicated adviser.

Through partnerships with industry leaders in the fields of foreign exchange, tax, international property, offshore bank accounts, trusts, wills and estate planning, we are able to cater to your offshore and onshore investment needs by providing you with access to the highest levels of service for your financial planning requirements.



Concierge Service Desk

The Concierge Service Desk is manned by a dedicated team of skilled advisers and administrators who are highly trained in the products and suite of services Carrick Concierge offers, and are available to answer your queries and assist with your financial needs.


Secure Client Login

As a Carrick client and Concierge member, you will be able to log in and view your personal details including your investment portfolio and any of the Concierge benefits you have taken up. This is an exclusive Carrick client portal secured by a two-step authentication process, including a unique one-time pin (OTP) every time you log in.


Full Portfolio Assessment

At Carrick, we believe that your financial well-being is a journey, and we want to be there to support and advise you every step of the way. Once we have helped you structure your offshore investments, allow us to offer you a free onshore financial needs assessment covering your local financial risks and long-term financial planning.


Wills and Estates

Dying intestate, or having a will that is outdated, may result in distribution of your assets that is contrary to your intent. Because you are a Carrick Concierge member, we can arrange for the drafting and safe-keeping of your Last Will and Testament, at no charge to you, to ensure your assets are distributed according to your wishes.


Foreign Exchange

Foreign exchange regulations can be a minefield and the costs of transacting at a retail level can be significant on large sums of money. Carrick Concierge members benefit from our highly competitive volume-based rates. Our specialist partner will arrange all the necessary SARS and SARB forms for completion – from simple transfers to complex deals.


Tax Advice

While all our investment structures and advice is compliant with tax regulations, circumstances may dictate that specialist tax advice is required. Carrick Concierge members have access to the services of expert tax practitioners to ensure compliance across relevant jurisdictions. We also refer clients to these advisers on an ‘as required’ basis to seek specialist opinions.


International Property

International property is an important element of diversifying your investment portfolio. Accordingly, Carrick has partnered with an exclusive international property partner who offers full-service property investment in international real estate. Because you are a member of Carrick Concierge, our partner can also assist you to leverage your property investment through international mortgage finance should this be required.


Private Client Banking

Private Client Banking allows our clients to successfully engage with the complex international financial domain. Through Custody Services we manage and trade assets on behalf of clients who have full, secure online access to their portfolios at any time. Trading Services facilitate best-in-class transacting with real-time execution in the largest global financial markets. And our Offshore Bank Accounts service gives access to international hard currencies and many other benefits.


Discretionary Trusts

A Trust is a widely used and well-established way of protecting and enhancing a family’s wealth. Trusts also facilitate the safe and efficient passage of such wealth to your beneficiaries. Carrick has partnered with some of the world’s leading Trust providers with expertise in setting up offshore trusts in stable, highly regulated jurisdictions.


Accounting Services

Whether you own a business or submit tax returns, having a specialist guide you in critical decision-making is vital to your financial health and prosperity.

In today’s rapidly-changing environment, owning and managing an enterprise is challenging, considering on-going changes in legislation and compliance. Catering for individuals as well as small and medium enterprises, our specialist partner offers you comprehensive accounting services including taxation support.


Residency and Citizenship Planning

As globalisation continues to intensify, residence and citizenship have become key elements in the future planning of internationally mobile entrepreneurs and investors. In order to meet the diverse needs of our clients, we have partnered with the leading firm in global residence and citizenship planning. Through Carrick Concierge, you will have access to strategic lifestyle planning by a world-class team of professionals.



Risk Assessment

The relationship between your objectives, your Risk Tolerance and capacity for loss interconnect to provide your overall risk profile. Typically, it decreases with age and it is recommended that it is reviewed every three years. The company that we have chosen to partner with regarding assessing Risk Tolerance is an independently owned and highly respected risk analysis company.

International Mortgages

When considering purchasing a property overseas or remortgaging an existing property, researching for the best rates can be time consuming and fraught with reams of paperwork.  Navigating your way through the costs, and sometimes hidden fees, can often cost you more than originally anticipated. As a Concierge client, you will have access to Carrick’s specialist mortagage partner who will take care of every element of sourcing an international mortgage at competitive rates.

International Corporate Structuring

An increasing number of clients are looking to establish international trading companies for their businesses. To address this necessity, Carrick partners with specialists in international corporate structuring who have an innovative and entrepreneurial approach, underpinned by the highest professional and ethical standards. As a Concierge client, you will have access to professionals who will assist you with compliance solutions, trade finance and off-shore structuring, among others.

Business Sale and Equity Partners

Securing the right fit and maximum transaction value when selling your business, finding growth capital through equity partners, or unlocking value through transformation capital and BEE partners can be a daunting task. To assist our Concierge clients with the best turnkey solution, Carrick has partnered with leading experts who have a proven track record across Africa, with an extensive local and global network of acquirers, and unrivalled personal relationships in all industries and geographies.


Concierge Contact Details

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