Why invest in Structured Notes in South Africa?

Times are tough, as the old adage goes, with global and domestic markets responding nervously to various factors, curbing risk appetite. For high-net-worth investors such conditions pose tantalizing questions about where to invest with the least risk and some guarantee of returns. For this, structured notes have always been an excellent option, yet they are…

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Week in Review: ANC Wins SA General Election

At the end of another shortened trading week, major headlines were governed by the South African general election and deteriorated US, China trade negotiations. The African National Congress (ANC) won South Africa’s general election on Saturday, but saw its share of the vote fall relative to previous elections. This reflects the nations frustration around corruption…

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Week in Review: US Stocks Set Record Highs

U.S. stocks (S&P 500 and Nasdaq), rallied to record closing highs this week, erasing last year’s decline in less than six months. The main driver for stocks this week was corporate earnings. With over 40% of S&P 500 companies having reported results, corporate profits appear to be on track for small gains in the first…

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