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Optimistic about the Eastern Cape’s economic opportunities, Carrick Wealth opens office in Port Elizabeth

The Eastern Cape is often overlooked as a commercial hub, with many major South African companies focussing their efforts elsewhere in the country. Recognising the immense economic potential and opportunities that exist in the province, Carrick Wealth was proud to open its new office in Port Elizabeth on Thursday, 04 November 2021.

Carrick Wealth is a boutique wealth management and investment firm, named last year by the prestigious International Adviser Best Practice Adviser Awards as the best adviser Firm in the country. The company’s focus is on enabling high net worth individuals to grow, protect and preserve their wealth. It has several offices in South Africa, as well as Zimbabwe, Malawi, the United Kingdom and Mauritius.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Craig Holmes, Carrick’s newly-appointed Eastern Cape Regional Manager, said he believes there is untapped potential in the province, stemming both from its innate economic value offering and the unique culture of its residents.

Carrick aims to provide its clients with a ‘euphoric experience’, which involves making clients feel like all of their needs have been taken care of. In the Eastern Cape, where the culture is warm, friendly, and “down to Earth”, we believe that being present to service clients in person is essential.

“There’s a very strong sense of community and remote service doesn’t cut it here,” Holmes remarked. “It’s really important for us to have feet on the ground and a solid operation. We believe we are able to service these clients better through a regional office.”

When people think of the Eastern Cape from a business perspective, they tend to think of the hubs of Port Elizabeth and East London, but the province has so much more to offer.

“There are diverse business nodes in the Eastern Cape, each with its own opportunities and requirements,” said Holmes. “In Port Elizabeth, opportunities are mainly generated through industry and SMEs. Further out are the productive citrus, mohair and cattle farming districts. Then there is the more entrepreneurial East London node and the Transkei, as well as the affluent, tourist focused area towards the southern Cape. Developing a sustainable presence in a diverse and self-sufficient region like this is important to us as a business.”

Holmes thanked a number of providers who had been instrumental in arranging the opening ceremony. This included Carrick’s long term business partners, Overseas Trust and Pension, Sovereign Trust, Hansard Worldwide Limited and iDAD, who have all been involved with Carrick Wealth since its inception in 2014 and have been instrumental to the business’s growth and success.

Carrick Wealth’s business model relies on the fact that people are building wealth within a vibrant economy. With its move into the Eastern Cape, we believe we are signalling that we are optimistic about the province and its potential for growth and prosperity. We look forward to servicing our Eastern Cape clients in person as they invest and grow with us, in the spirit of community and friendliness for which the province is famous.

For more information on Carrick Wealth’s service offering in the Eastern Cape and how Carrick can assist you, please visit or alternatively contact

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