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Carrick Wealth: The Best Adviser Firm in South Africa

South African wealth management and investment firm Carrick Wealth has just been announced as the winner in the prestigious International Adviser Best Practice Adviser Awards 2020 as the Best Adviser Firm in the country.

In a remarkable feat, Carrick has now excelled in what is regarded as the international financial advisory industry’s most significant, peer-judged honours for five years running. The winners of this year’s awards were announced by International Adviser in London today (27 November).

In attaining this achievement in a highly competitive field, Carrick exceeded all the winning criteria by demonstrating its successful development and delivery of a business strategy; profitable growth over time; a genuinely customer-centric approach to advice, service and overall best practice; and excellence in compliance and risk management.

This is the second major accolade Carrick has won this year, having also been ranked as the Top Wealth Manager for Wealthy Executives in the 2020 Intellidex Awards.

“To say that I am delighted over yet another outstanding achievement, is an understatement,” said Craig Featherby, Founder and Group Chief Executive Officer of Carrick upon learning of the award.

“This is a superb endorsement of why Carrick, with its global footprint and strong African focus, is one of the fastest-growing advisory firms in the industry. Winning this award in the year of Covid-19 amidst all the havoc that the pandemic wreaked, shows that we got the fundamentals right and were well-prepared for anything the future could bring.”

“It furthermore reaffirms our success in providing a euphoric client service through trusted advice and financial investment solutions. By expanding our global footprint through our partners to offer an unmatched suite of investment products and services, this combination of offshore expertise and personalised, client-focused service makes us highly attractive as an advisory firm, especially for high-net-worth clients,” said Featherby.

“While the award is also testimony to the calibre and integrity of our advisers, none of this would have been possible without all the work that is done behind the scenes by the Adviser Support Team,” he said. “I have said before that adviser support teams are the unsung heroes of our industry, and I say it again. I wish to thank them for all their hard work.”


Carrick previously won International Adviser Best Practice Adviser Awards as the winner in the following categories.

  • Excellence in Marketing and Best Advisor Support Team (2019);
  • Excellence in Business Strategy (2018);
  • Excellence in Marketing and Client Engagement, and Excellence in Client Service (2017);
  • Excellence in Investment Planning and Excellence in Business Transformation (2016).


In winning this year’s award, Carrick demonstrated how it rapidly grew within 6 years to become the best offshore wealth management firm in South Africa, having grown its assets under management consistently year on year by 34%. The firm has also shown consistent annual profit of 19% per annum.

The Best Practice Adviser Awards are hosted annually by International Adviser, a global information and research platform serving the financial adviser community, in partnership with Quilter International. Winners are judged by their industry peers for best practice in six global regions, namely the United Kingdom, Europe, Hong Kong, Singapore, South Africa and the Middle East.

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