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Carrick Wealth Launches International Property Service

Carrick Wealth Launches Carrick PropertyCarrick Wealth, Southern Africa’s leading wealth and investment advisory, is proud to announce the launch of its brand-new business division, Carrick Property, together with its own dedicated website.

This development comes in response to an identified need in the market for the provision of independent professional services for those wishing to diversify their investment portfolios into international property.

Given the many prevailing local and global uncertainties, diversifying into international property in stable and secure jurisdictions can serve as an excellent hedge against these risks, says Craig Featherby, CEO and Founder of Carrick.

“Together with our exclusive international partners, Carrick can now assist clients wishing to diversify offshore into property with a comprehensive range of services, from identifying Europe’s top property markets and opportunities, to guiding them through all stages of the property transaction process.

“The economic climate and the many uncertainties affecting us all, again underlined the absolute need for diversifying one’s investment portfolio, especially within the offshore context. I believe the perfect solution lies in the many excellent opportunities presented within the international property sphere,” says Featherby.

In order to provide clients with easy and informative access to this new service, a brand-new dedicated website has been launched for Carrick Property. Here anyone interested in investing in international property will find, for example, the latest very exciting and lucrative property opportunities in dynamic growth markets such as the UK, Germany and Portugal. It also details Carrick’s range of professional property services that are now available. The website can be visited here.

To assist their clients with diversifying their total investment portfolios through efficient structuring of a property portfolio, Carrick in conjunction with its international partners, focuses on identifying high-growth markets in secure and stable jurisdictions around the world.

Carrick Property will provide complete services in respect of the property purchase and management process and ensure all due diligence to provide their clients with an efficient and successful outcome. This also includes securing partnerships with established developers with proven track records, guidance on qualifying for mortgages in different jurisdictions, and regular information updates on markets, opportunities and local economic developments, among others.

Visit Carrick Property Website

Anyone wishing to receive more information about Carrick’s exciting new international property service, can contact the firm’s investment specialists at

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