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Carrick proudly hosts handing over of nearly R1-million for child burn victims

signature of hope donation smile foundationLeading South African wealth management firm Carrick Wealth was the proud host last week of an event at which its chosen corporate social investment (CSI) partner, the Signature of Hope Trust, handed over a cheque of nearly R1-million to two very deserving charities who will use the funds to completely refurbish the Burn Unit at the Kimberley Hospital.

“As our chosen CSI partner, Carrick is extremely proud and fully supportive of the great work done by the Signature of Hope Trust,” says Craig Featherby, Founder of Carrick and also Chairman and co-Founder of the Signature of Hope Trust (SOH).

The two charities that received the funds are the NGO Smile Foundation, that works with the country’s academic hospitals to provide corrective facial reconstructive surgery and treatments for children living with facial conditions, and the non-profit Avela Foundation, which helps children with burn injuries on their road to physical and psychological recovery.

A total of R853 942.28 was raised by Cape Town’s social elite at the inaugural Signature of Hope Gala Dinner, a much talked-about event that has earned its place at the top of Cape Town’s social calendar as the most sought-after black-tie invite. It was a dazzling celebration of the arts, top-class culinary experiences and fabulous entertainment hosted at celebrity chef Luke Dale Roberts’ exclusive signature restaurant, The Test Kitchen. Funds were raised through a number of auctions and raffles.

SOH Founders and Trustees Featherby, Mike Fannin and Bryan Austen as well as Trustee Rashay Makan, handed over the cheque to Hedley Lewis, CEO of the Smile Foundation, and Cami Palomo, Founder of the Avela Foundation. The handing over of the cheque took place at the premises of Carrick Wealth in Cape Town.  Fannin is also a co-Founder of Carrick, while Austin and Makan are Directors of the firm.

“As a firm Carrick is passionate about giving back to society and making a difference in the lives of those less advantaged than ourselves. It is an ingrained part of Carrick’s culture and business ethic, and the SOH Trust, as our chosen CSI partner, is a reflection of this commitment,” says Featherby.

As a charitable trust SOH raises funds through personal and corporate donations that are dispersed to local non-profit organisations involved in deserving charitable work.

“Handing over such a large cheque was truly a remarkable achievement for the SOH Trust and the great work it is doing. We look forward to doing so much more in future with SOH and the non-profit charities it partners with,” said Fannin at the handing over.

“We also cannot wait to see how the Smile and Avela foundations progress with this much-needed refurbishment of the Kimberley Hospital’s Burn Unit, and we are eager to get involved with them in more projects during the year. Carrick is extremely proud to be associated with SOH and the charitable causes that benefit from its work.”

The Smile and Avela foundations will use the funds for the complete refurbishment and expansion of the Burn Unit at the Kimberley Hospital in the Northern Cape which plays a big role in the work done by these foundations. The Kimberley Hospital Burn Unit is the only facility within the vast Northern Cape Province to offer this very specialized service in a country where a mere 17 burn units struggle to treat more than 8,000 people with serious burn injuries each year, a very high number of them being children.

For more information and to find out how you can get involved contact:

Rashay Makan – Signature of Hope Trustee

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