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Carrick brings you simpler and safer investing – fixed return plus global growth

Safe investments through ABSA - Carrick WealthIn another first exclusively for their clients, Carrick Wealth in association with Absa Bank, has launched a superb new investment opportunity. Invest in rand with your capital fully protected, receive an attractive after-tax fixed return, and benefit from any growth on the London Stock Exchange linked to its top 100 global companies (FTSE 100 Index).

This specific offering is exclusive to Carrick, is open to trusts and individuals with a minimum R100,000 to invest, and expires on 28 September. If this sounds like your kind of investment, you’d better hurry …there’s not much time left before the note closes.

“Since launching this exclusive local note on 22 August, the response from our clients has been extremely positive,” says Anthony Palmer, Carrick’s Director: Corporate and Client Solutions. “Our clients are increasingly becoming disillusioned with lacklustre returns on the South African stock markets and are also looking for inflation-beating returns and capital protection. We believe this investment ticks all the right boxes.”

All the elements of the offer are housed together in one single, fully capital-protected South African rand (ZAR) investment in a 1Life Insurance Ltd endowment-linked investment policy. All returns are after tax and fully inclusive of all fees.

“The capital protection plus the fixed after-tax return makes this note offer especially compelling given the high tax environment faced by local investors,” says Palmer.

There is no currency risk as you invest in South African rand and get paid out in rand. Investors get 50% (half) of their investment back after two years together with a fixed return of 13.25% per annum, or 26.5% over two years, guaranteed by Absa. This return is after tax due to endowments paying out after tax returns.

The remaining half of the initial investment sum is paid back after five years. This half is linked to 1.25 times the growth of the London Stock Exchange’s FTSE 100 Index over the five-year investment period. In other words, after five years, you will receive the other half of your rand investment amount back, plus at least 125% participation in the index performance. The participation rate will be determined on the investment start date and levels will be averaged over the final six months. In the event that the FTSE 100 shows no or negative growth over the period, you still get your capital back.

In January this year the FTSE 100 hit a record closing high of 7,724, which analysts said showed it remained relatively immune to the impact of Brexit and other global developments. The FTSE 100 has a market cap of more than £2-trillion, and among its top companies are global blue-chip giants such as Royal Dutch Shell, BP, British American Tobacco, Coca Cola, Anglo American, GlaxoSmithKline, Imperial Brands, Intertek Group, Rio Tinto and Unilever.

And here’s the icing on the cake: the after-tax returns of the note are superior to a fixed deposit investment over the same period, even with no market performance. To view the full calculations and projections of Carrick’s Absa-SA Fixed Return and Global Growth Protector, go to

It’s a perfect fit for Carrick’s integrated wealth management strategy based on the tried and trusted philosophy of a diversified investment portfolio, says Palmer.

If you would like to avail yourself of this superb investment opportunity, contact Carrick without delay at and one our Wealth Specialists will get back to you. But remember, this note offer closes on 28 September 2018.

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