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Carrick Wealth announces new Family Office providing niche service to the ultra-wealthy

Mike Fannin, Managing Director: Family OfficeCape Town, Tuesday, 12 July 2018 – Carrick Wealth is proud to announce another benchmark-setting addition to its portfolio of bespoke financial advisory and management services. The establishment of a Family Office will cater to the unique needs of ultra-high net worth individuals that wish to take advantage of more effective offshore structured offerings available in the financial services industry.

Carrick identified the need in the market for ultra-high net worth individuals with significant investable assets who require services and offerings that are more sophisticated and bespoke than those of the typical retail advisor, but may be considered too small to qualify for such services offered by the large investment banks. As a result Carrick has launched its Family Office to address this weakness in the industry.

The new Family Office service therefore creates an enhanced offering beyond traditional wealth management. It strongly focuses on incorporating a comprehensive lifestyle management programme within the overall context of Carrick’s proven integrated local and offshore wealth management and investment paradigm. This service provides an in-depth approach to the client’s overall lifecycle of wealth, investment and lifestyle.

The services offered by Carrick’s Family Office range from investment management, to fiduciary services, risk analysis and asset protection, property investment and management, lending services, large asset registration, and a lifestyle concierge, among others. The first Carrick offices to offer these services are its Johannesburg office in South Africa, and its office in Mauritius where Carrick has a global footprint. Family Office services will be extended to Carrick’s other offices in due course.

Overseeing this new venture for Carrick will be Mike Fannin, Managing Director: Family Office, and a co-founder of Carrick. Mike is an expert in designing tax-efficient solutions for ultra-high net-worth clients and is dedicated to the craft of creating sustainable retirement solutions. His expertise was honed over the course of twelve years in the crucible of London’s financial district.

“I am very excited about the new venture and will be looking for suitably qualified and experienced advisers to bring their expertise in this field in providing appropriate advice and services to the ultra-wealthy, by joining us in the Family Office,” says Mike.

For more information Mike can be contacted at

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