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Interview with Ben Nevin: Manager: Wealth Management and Advisory – Botswana

Ben Nevin - Carrick WealthCongratulations on being appointed to head the Botswana office. This is an incredible achievement, having joined the Carrick Development Academy 3 years ago as a Wealth Specialist Trainee, being promoted to Wealth Specialist and now leading one of Carrick’s African offices.


Describe your time in the CDA and the biggest lessons learnt.

My time in the CDA was fundamental to the development of my career, and provided the building blocks and lessons that would shape my future. I learnt that an industrious and focused work ethic, and the correct mindset are the most important traits to succeed in the CDA, and your career. One bad day does not determine your future.


When you graduated from the CDA, you were promoted to a Wealth Specialist. How would you describe this transition?

Initially, the transition from CDA to Wealth Specialist seems rather daunting, but this step was made easier by the early introduction to all the relevant product knowledge and hands on training provided in the preceding Wealth Specialist training course. The work load increases, and your focus needs to become more acute. In order to become a successful Wealth Specialist, you have to continue to learn and develop on a daily basis, both on a personal and professional level.


What are the key valuables you have learnt from working at Carrick that you apply to your daily life?

Always ask lots of questions. One of the greatest things about Carrick is the directors’ open-door policy, and the friendly nature of the Carrick culture. Everyone is always willing to help, and point you in the right direction. Asking questions is essential to learn and move forward.


What are your biggest strengths and how have they helped you succeed?

I definitely think my biggest strengths are my ability to persevere, my ambition to succeed, and my out-the-box thinking. There are a number of frustrations that most people experience at the beginning of their career, but the ability to persevere is what enables you to push through these and realise that tomorrow can be a better day. I am also extremely competitive by nature, and have always held myself to quite high standards, so I don’t like to achieve anything less than first place. Lastly, my lateral thinking skills have helped me see things from multiple perspectives, and identify opportunities which may not have presented themselves naturally.


What are some of the challenges you faced during the CDA and how did you overcome them?

One of my biggest challenges during my time in the CDA was the ability to stay motivated during tough times, and be able look into the future knowing that what I was doing then would pay dividends in the future. The only way to overcome this was to have the correct mindset, and trust yourself that you had made the correct decision. A failure to believe will lead to a failure to achieve.


What do you want to achieve in Botswana over the next three years?

I want to grow the office to a team and help develop my team to achieve their professional goals. By December 2019, I would like to see the Botswana team achieve the top Africa office award.


You just recently visited Botswana to meet the team, how was your experience?

It was great! Botswana is a friendly country, and my team were extremely welcoming of me. We spent some time getting to know each other, and learning how we are going to work together.


How would you describe your leadership style?

I have what could be described as a transformational leadership style. I want to help my team realise their full potential, so I work by helping to influence changes in attitudes and assumptions held by them, and build commitment for both personal and organisational goals. A high level of communication is important as this helps them meet their goals and enhance productivity and efficiency.


What inspiration do you have to share with our current CDA team who aspire to be successful Wealth Specialists?

Success is closer than you think. There will be some long days ahead of you, but each day will teach you something different, and collectively they are all important to your development even if it doesn’t seem like it at the time. Only once you have come out the other side will you realise the importance of this time in your career, and you will look back in amusement at how short this time of your career actually was.


What do you work towards in your free time?

I work closely with my mentor, who helps me see things from a different perspective, and points me in the right direction. He believes that it is incredibly important to allocate time to developing yourself on a daily basis, so I spend a lot of time reading books that help to develop both my career and life. I also spend a fair amount of time in the gym, as a healthy body creates a healthy mind.


You have a Law degree, what made you join the CDA?

I have always had a strong affinity for the financial world, and during my law degree I chose electives which were specifically business and finance related. Coupled with this, the business background that law provides, and the work ethic required to complete a law degree, stood me in good stead to pursue a career outside of law. I saw the CDA as an opportunity to build on the hard work that I had already put in place, and I saw Carrick as a burgeoning company with space for me to grow.

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