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The essentials of estate planning

Estate planning is an inescapable fact of life but the right financial adviser will guide you through the process and ultimately structure your estate not only for your benefit, but also for that of your beneficiaries. Below are the considerations for estate planning, along with some very good reasons you shouldn’t leave it for a…

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Are you losing half your pension growth to high fees?

Many investors remain uncertain as to whether their investments are aligned with their retirement needs, and how much they are losing to high fees. Would you be able to give a conclusive answer if you had to explain the finer details of your offshore investment portfolio? • What are the fees charged on your portfolio,…

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Your UK pension fund may be at risk from the deficit crisis

As an expatriate with a UK pension you may be somewhat alarmed by the significant storm that has erupted in the British financial media around the ongoing pension funds deficit crisis and the potential consequences for members of defined benefit (DB) pension schemes, also known as final salary schemes. And rightly so you should be,…

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