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Carrick Development Academy – The Future of Wealth Management in good hands.

Carrick Development AcademyCape Town 05 February 2018 – Carrick Wealth continued its drive to be at the forefront of developing professional wealth specialists, by welcoming on board 23 graduates to the Carrick Development Academy (CDA) class of 2018.

The CDA is an 18-month development programme that enables graduates to gain valuable experience in all areas of the financial advisory sector and gain a strong insight into their chosen career path. After completing the programme, the graduates will pursue careers as fully-fledged Wealth Specialists in one of Carrick’s offices within the group.

The graduates recently completed an intensive three-week induction training in preparation for the beginning of their development programme.

The three-week induction training covered a wide range of topics from customer relation marketing (CRM) to surviving in the “corporate jungle”; from team building to networking and getting referrals; and from product and investment offerings to understanding emotional intelligence, conflict management, and brand building.

However, it was not all work and no play. During the programme the graduates took part in an amazing race exercise. On a sunny Saturday, six teams had to perform some good deeds at designated charities around the Mother City and complete challenges at various sites including Signal Hill, the District Six Museum, and Green Point Park. The objective was to learn to plan, how to strategise, set up lines of communication, and most importantly, to work together in teams.

“With more than half the graduates relocating to Cape Town from other regions, this was a great way to introduce them to our city and for our local contestants to have a taste of environments they may never have visited,” said Makan.

Qualifications that will be completed during the programme include the RE5 regulatory examination, Chartered Institute for Securities and Investment (CISI) qualification as well as a qualification in their area of focus, which includes portfolio management, compliance, risk management, and financial advisory.

Director of the Carrick Development Academy, Rashay Makan said the 23 graduates had been chosen from 1 800 candidates after a rigorous recruitment and assessment process to become not just Carrick Wealth Specialists, but future innovators and leaders in the financial services sector.

“The wealth management industry is undergoing a paradigm shift,” said Makan. “New regulations and compliance, the focus on greater transparency, a rapidly shifting investment landscape, and changing business models make for an incredibly exciting time, and one which Carrick is and will continue to play a leading role through such vehicles as the CDA.”

Recognising the constant changes in the industry and a need for fresh ideas and perspectives, the CDA has created a committee within the team who, along with the leadership of Rashay will be involved with bringing new ideas and innovations to the overall Carrick business and having the opportunity to present to the Carrick Board of Directors on a monthly basis.

Carrick Chief Executive Officer Craig Featherby, praising the graduates on their success, said they were tangible proof of the company’s commitment to education in the sector.

“We believe it is our corporate responsibility to invest in skills development and education in our industry if we want to see a better standard of work ethic and professionalism in our young workforce,” said Featherby. “And, in the long run, this will lead to growing and developing talent for both Carrick and the financial services industry.”

If you would like to find out more about the Carrick Development Academy and the development programme, please visit our website or contact


What the graduates had to say:

Christina: “My passion is to help people change their lives for the better. Through the Carrick Development Academy, I get to benefit from the deep pool of knowledge and expertise within the company, and eventually – as a Carrick wealth specialist – fulfil that passion.”

Alfonso: “It was Carrick’s focus on developing its employees through the CDA and providing them with the tools to ensure their success that attracted me to the company.”

Amile: “I am excited by the learning and skills opportunities offered by Carrick and its partners, such as Moonstone and the Chartered Institute of Securities and Investments.”

Damon: “I love working with people. I joined the Carrick Development Academy because I wanted to be part of a company in which the team always puts its clients first.”

Jarrod: “I have four very clear reasons why I want to work at Carrick: opportunity, culture, leadership, and values. The company has it all as I am now experiencing through the CDA programme.”

Kelsey: “I was inspired by what Carrick has achieved over the last three years, and wanted to be part of its successful expansion plans. Fortunately, through the CDA, I am now in a position to do so.”

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