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Carrick appoints new head of international offices

CAPE TOWN, 03 January 2018 – Carrick Wealth Management today announced that Greg Stockton would head up all its international offices – Zimbabwe, Botswana, Malawi, and Mauritius – following his promotion to the Board of Directors.

CEO Craig Featherby said Stockton was the ideal person for the post, pointing out that he had developed, nurtured, and managed more than 150 advisers in 11 offices spread over seven countries.Greg Stockton

“Greg joined us in July 2017, and brought to the company a wealth of experience, an infectious passion, an embracing enthusiasm, and an inspirational innovative approach,” he said. “He will now be responsible for the development and expansion of our international entities, beginning with Kenya in the first quarter.”

Stockton entered the financial services sector in 2003 in a business development role, progressing to other roles as a senior financial advisor, senior manager and regional manager. Over the last decade and a half, Greg has succeeded in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Tokyo, Qatar, Dubai, South Africa and other countries throughout the continent.

In 2014 he moved to Cape Town, and three years later joined Carrick where he has played an enormous role in Carrick’s Africa 20/20 Vision.

Stockton said Africa’s demographics speak for itself: rapid urbanisation, a young “connected” population, and a growing labour force that makes for a highly valuable asset in an aging world.

“The potential in Africa is obvious,” he said. “Over the next decade, this is where the growth is going to come from globally. There are so many Africans – Zimbabweans, Zambians, Malawians, Kenyans – who have worked in UK and have repatriated back home and who need advice as to what to do with their money. It’s exciting. There are more people returning than ever before because of the potential here.”

Featherby said Stockton would play a crucial role in Carrick’s strategy to embrace the paradigm shift that has disrupted the business of asset and wealth management while realising the potential that lies within reach on the continent.

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