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Carrick assist sees Schools Water Polo South Africa score a three-year deal

CAPE TOWN: Thursday, 9 November 2017 – Carrick Wealth Management, a leading, independent financial advisory service, has partnered with Schools Water Polo South Africa (SWPSA) in a three-year sponsorship of the annual Inter Provincial Schools Water Polo Tournament.

Carrick Chief Executive Officer Craig Featherby said that supporting water polo was an obvious choice for two reasons: first, focusing on our country’s youth reflects Carrick’s belief in the future and long-term goals of sustainability and second, teamwork, which is at the heart of what Carrick does. Water polo demands individual commitment and extraordinary team discipline. We are putting our money where our mouth is by teaming up with SWPSA.Carrick Wealth Water Polo South Africa

Carrick Director Development and Brand Kieron McRae pointed out that the company’s clients were not just the people who trusted them with guiding their financial strategy and planning but also the communities where Carrick operated.

Carrick’s vision is based on three principles of wealth – grow, protect, and preserve – driven by a relentless quest for excellence in everything it does.

“Sport, by definition, is a quest for excellence,” explained McRae. “These young athletes, boys and girls – the cream of the country’s water polo teams – take their skills, and grow them through consistent training; they protect their achievements with rigorous performances; and they preserve their accomplishments by inspiring others, be they their siblings, their friends, or their supporters. They inspire and leave a legacy of excellence.”

He said the future of water polo in South Africa would depend on expanding its reach, providing access for all those aspiring players who for historic and other reasons have been hindered from pursuing their dreams. As part of this long-term approach, Carrick will provide its expertise in wealth and investment management and manage a fund on behalf of SWPSA, the sole purpose of which will be to provide financial sustainability to the future of the sport.

Schools Water Polo South Africa Chairman Richard Irvine said Çarrick Wealth’s support would be an important catalyst to grow the sport throughout the country. “Many of our schools do not have the luxury of polo-ready swimming pools and so we have to be more creative in how we grow the numbers of players.”

McRae said, “I believe with this partnership we are diving into exciting times. It’s not just that higher benchmarks will be set as the game expands and becomes more competitive, but that it is inevitable that the qualities that make for a successful player and winning team will stay with these young men and women throughout their life. What better legacy can we leave for our communities?”


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