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Investing offshore the only answer to SA’s latest credit ratings

As South Africa’s junk status saga continues to unfold, downgrade despair set in when all three of the major global credit ratings agencies published their latest decisions for the country late last week. All the reasons listed by the agencies for their decisions, link back to this: South Africa’s uncertain and unstable political situation coupled…

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Diversify offshore against uncertainty and instability

News headlines these last few weeks have again confirmed that we live in times of much uncertainty. While there is much social upheaval and political and economic uncertainty in many parts of the world, investors in particular in South Africa and the region are bombarded almost every day with negative news that makes them nervous…

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Carrick assist sees Schools Water Polo South Africa score a three-year deal

CAPE TOWN: Thursday, 9 November 2017 – Carrick Wealth Management, a leading, independent financial advisory service, has partnered with Schools Water Polo South Africa (SWPSA) in a three-year sponsorship of the annual Inter Provincial Schools Water Polo Tournament. Carrick Chief Executive Officer Craig Featherby said that supporting water polo was an obvious choice for two reasons:…

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