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The Mini Budget: turning adversity into success

Delivering his maiden medium-term budget policy statement (MTBPS), or mini budget, South Africa’s latest finance minister, Malusi Gigaba, kicked the ball high into the air…but it landed nowhere. He simply delayed all the crucial budget decisions to some future date. The minister delivered a nicely crafted speech filled with frank acknowledgements of government failures and…

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Navigating foreign exchange as an essential element of offshore diversification

The many uncertainties of our times demand meticulous planning and sophisticated investment strategies to protect and grow one’s wealth. The key has always been diversification of one’s investment portfolio, which prudently should include a substantial offshore investment allocation. This immediately also brings to mind the complexities of the foreign exchange environment and finding efficient foreign…

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Carrick Wealth celebrates its anniversary

Press Release This week, Cape Town-based wealth and capital management firm Carrick Wealth celebrated three years in the business. From a start-up comprising a handful of colleagues in a small office in Cape Town, Carrick has become a respected, full-fledged specialist financial institution employing more than 150 people in offices in South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe…

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Political uncertainty, volatility SA’s biggest enemy

Political uncertainty and its twin, instability, are currently South Africa’s public enemy number one. And the consequential impacts are largely economic.   The really bad news is that it is also the enemy of any serious investor, or anyone trying to plan their own financial future.   Foreign direct investment is not coming anywhere near…

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