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Carrick 20/20 Delegates Raise Donations for Visiontree

VisiontreeAs a philanthropist at heart, I am passionate about Africa and its people and committed to making a real difference in the lives of many. This goal can only be achieved through securing positive, meaningful partnerships. It was no surprise that when I first met Hein Wagner, a blind man with a vision, his strong drive to make a difference in the lives of vision-impaired children in Southern Africa immediately resonated with the Carrick ethos. As leaders in wealth and capital management we are also driven by the values of integrity, transparency and courage even in the face of adversity.

Hein Wagner, founder of VisionTree, an organisation built on raising funds for the blind, has been blind since birth; despite this, he is a global adventurer, motivational speaker, corporate entertainer and lover of life. Whenever I speak to Hein or admire his incredible sporting feats, I am reminded of another exceptional man: Chris Bertish. As a Carrick Ambassador, Chris recently completed the first solo, unassisted transatlantic Stand-up Paddleboard (SUP) Crossing in aid of charity, proudly sponsored by Carrick.

Hein exhibits similar characteristics of strength, fortitude, bravery and courage as Chris, with the same heart for philanthropy and improving lives. Both Hein and Chris believe that nothing is impossible if you put your mind to it. I knew straight away that Hein would have to form part of the Carrick 20/20: Opportunity Africa Annual Conference.

From 3 to 6 May 2017, Carrick delegates attended the Carrick 20/20 Annual Conference, focusing on Carrick’s expansion into Africa and the future of the financial services industry. The list of delegates included local and international business partners. Named the best industry conference following feedback from Carrick’s multinational list of providers, minds were filled to the brim with knowledge. Delegates listened to only the best of the best, perching at the edge of their chairs during an electrifying line-up of top speakers, the likes of Vusi Thembakwayo (Rockstar of Public Speaking), Neil Jacobson (FutureWorld founder and passionate futurist) and Dr Tendai Murisa from TrustAfrica (who took the delegates through what it truly means to be a philanthropist/philanthropic business).

On the final evening, the 3-day long Conference was concluded in the same big-hearted spirit with Hein Wagner’s Signature Fundraising Event, Dinner in the Dark. Diners ate (or attempted to eat) in absolute darkness and were physically guided around and served by visually impaired staff. Fully sighted visitors had to put all their faith in the staff, who are often perceived as disadvantaged in the outside world, but had the upper hand by knowing their way around every inch of the restaurant.

At Carrick Wealth, we are characterised by our philanthropic culture. Signature of Hope Trust, our chosen CSI partner is one portrayal of this culture: an accredited non-profit, public benefit organisation, structured as a charitable trust and governed by the NPO Act. Signature of Hope Trust raises funds through personal and corporate donations: in partnership with professional partners, the Trust will be building, equipping and administering schools in rural areas of South Africa to address early childhood development (ECD). Furthermore, Carrick teams make monthly contributions, deducted from their salaries in support of Signature of Hope Trust initiatives.

It gives me immense pleasure to share that the conference delegates opened their hearts and donated R167 000 to Visiontree. In sharing this inspiring news, I am overjoyed and hopeful for the future of Africa.


Craig Featherby

CEO: Carrick Wealth

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