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Carrick Wealth Development Academy Graduate Program (CDA)

Last week, 28 high-achieving university graduates emerged from an intense, week-long induction for the Carrick Development Academy Graduate Program (CDA). The week kicked off with a team building event followed by a potjie competition which was a great way to awaken the team spirit.

The 12-month internship program provides the students with the skills, work experience and resources to become successful advisors on a global scale. The program is divided into four quarters and is focused on personal ability, high-performance teamwork, extracting value through specialisation and the associate transition process. Training and development are provided by the highly skilled Carrick directorship team, leading local and international industry professionals.

In addition to the technical skills, the curriculum includes modules in public speaking, presentation skills, life and basic management skills, planning and leadership.  The students also complete self-study programs covering topics such as emotional intelligence, stress management and motivation.

The goal for each student is to work towards becoming a certified financial planner by completing their regulatory exams with the Financial Services Board as well as achieving international accreditation with the Chartered Institute of Securities and Investments (CISI).

“Traditionally, this industry has not provided much in the form of structured support or development programs, which has resulted in a bit of a ‘DIY’ legacy in the industry.

“The academy’s goal is to channel and reinforce the drive and independent motivation so often found in successful financial advisers while giving them much-needed support, professional development and exposure within their field of choice.

“At Carrick, we live and breathe investments. We understand the universal principle of sowing something now to reap a reward later,” says Craig Featherby, Carrick’s CEO.

A rigorous recruitment and assessment process was employed and aligned with the Carrick values which delivered outstanding candidates from which the top graduates were selected.

Carrick is the Title Sponsor of the Stand-Up Paddleboard (SUP) Crossing which sees waterman and Guinness World Record holder Chris Bertish attempt to cross the Atlantic, solo, unassisted on a stand-up paddleboard.  It is the courage and grit that Chris exemplifies that Carrick looks for in candidates: candidates that are not afraid of the unknown and display the determination to keep going when things seem impossible.

“It’s uncomfortable sometimes, whilst incredibly rewarding at others. If you believe that life begins at the end of your comfort zone, you’re in the right place,” says Rashay Makan, CDA Managing Director.

After graduating from the academy, the graduates will pursue careers as fully-fledged Financial Advisers in one of Carrick’s offices within the group.


Here’s what some of the interns had to say after completing the induction program:


Maritza: “I believe there is no other company that comes close to treating their employees the way that Carrick does. This week was full of motivation from some of the top directors in the company and I am truly honoured by this experience.”

Razia: “Each individual is personally recognised which ultimately provides all of us with the feeling of importance and acknowledgement.”

Greg: “The CDA induction has given me a basic foundation to succeed as well as the knowledge, tools and techniques to make sure I succeed.”

Joshua: “This week has placed down a foundation and jump-started my career to a level far beyond my expectations.”

Aakifah: “I came here with an open mind ready to learn and to add into what I already know and am extremely grateful for being a part of something bigger than I could have imagined”

Thabo: “I have learnt that the most important aspect of our business is the client and the service we provide them with.”

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