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Craig Featherby Attends TrustAfrica 10th Anniversary in Addis Ababa

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Craig Featherby, Carrick’s Group CEO is in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia as a guest of TrustAfrica, one of the largest philanthropic organisations in Africa. This year marks the tenth anniversary since TrustAfrica’s inception, and leaders from all walks of life on the African continent have been invited to take part in discussions, listen to talks, network and discuss in greater detail how the cause of philanthropy can be furthered at this time.

The theme for the 10th Anniversary conference is “Looking back, Looking Ahead: African Philanthropy for Socio-economic and Political Justice in the 21st Century”.  Attending the conference are representatives from some very well known organisations operating in the philanthropy space, such as the Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund, the European Foundation Centre, the Global Fund for Community Foundations, the Southern Africa Trust, the African Woman’s Development Fund, the Kenyan Community Development Fund, to name but a few. These organisations do sterling work in furthering the cause and upliftment, particularly of women and children in Africa.

Craig is honoured to have been invited to take part in a panel discussion on Thursday, 29 September on the theme: ‘Mobilizing Africa’s High-Net-Worth Individuals – The Experience of the African Philanthropy Forum’, chaired by Ms Nana Asantewu Afadzinu, Executive Director of West African Civil Society Institute. He will also be addressing the assembled guests on the subject ‘The Private Sector and Philanthropy’. Also on the same panel as Craig will be Dr Bheki Moyo, Chair of the APN Board, and his address will focus on ‘Thinking about Innovations in African Philanthropy’.

As the Signature of Hope Trust is the CSI arm of CARRICK Wealth, Craig will have the opportunity to inform the assembled guests about the strategic plan for Signature of Hope Trust 2020, which, in essence, involves raising many millions and purchasing an annuity that grows at 10 per cent per annum so that each of three designated beneficiaries in medicine, school feeding and education will receive funding in perpetuity.

Craig is passionate about the cause of giving back, and believes it is not only the duty but also the raison d’etre of those who have much to give back to society with an open and generous heart. His philanthropic focus is geared toward vulnerable and disadvantaged young children, particularly when it comes to being provided with education and being well enough to receive such education. In Addis Ababa he will be calling on business leaders and others to become part of the sustainable philanthropic network, and, where possible, to donate to the Signature of Hope Trust so that the work of these South African beneficiaries can be carried out well into the future – for the sake of future generations.

If any reader wishes to learn more about the work that the Signature of Hope Trust will be supporting and how they can donate in the near future to our huge charity drive, please contact Natalie Philander at Every donation will help children receive much-needed surgery, or a simple hot meal or the chance to be part of an education programme in a school.

We are all supporting Craig to make this a reality, and we invite you to come on board and stand behind him, too.

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