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Making the best cast in turbulent waters

Carrick DirectorsWe live in a time of much global uncertainty and turmoil where few things make much sense or provide reliable indicators for our future. All of us have probably wondered: how will this affect me?

Just think of the volatility that followed Brexit and the reactions in the markets, or the uncertainty following South Africa’s own recent elections as the country enters a new era of coalition politics. We wonder what awaits the world as the extremely bitter and polarising US presidential election gets under way. Europe is targeted by terrorists and the Middle East remains embroiled in war – to name but a few concerns.

In what has been a rather tumultuous 2016 so far, the markets are often driven more by drama than by data and definitive trends. Globally, many markets are experiencing mayhem; currencies and stocks are fluctuating; despite some improvements, commodity prices and global trade remain mostly weak, and growth forecasts are hardly encouraging.

It’s not all bad, though, nor is this state of global flux without opportunity. Just this week the Wall Street Journal reported that bond investment funds, usually with little appetite for riskier debt, are boosting their exposure to the developing world, thereby helping drive this year’s emerging markets rally.

“In this new world, nothing stands 
still and wealth is no exception.”

But things are uncertain and remain volatile out there. The flux may all be part of what the founder and chairman of the World Economic Forum, Klaus Schwab, calls the beginning of the Fourth Industrial Revolution – one that is fundamentally changing the way we live and work, and how we deal with the world around us. We need to be prepared for this.

I am a firm believer that in times like these, each of us – those who care about our future and our wealth – should take a long hard look at our own situations. Reassess what we want for our future, find the best solutions to achieve it, and safeguard ourselves against the turmoil out there.

In this new world, nothing stands still and wealth is no exception. Your wealth needs to work hard simply to retain its value in such circumstances, and needs to work even harder to grow. And because your needs, like everyone else’s, are unique, you need to find what’s right for you.

“We also understand the 
need for a holistic approach.”

Those of you familiar with fly-fishing, as I am, will understand that it’s all about attention to detail; having a plan but being flexible and adaptable, and making the right cast when the window of opportunity opens. And, above all, you need passion.

These are the things that are important to us at Carrick as we strive to provide our clients with the best possible holistic wealth management and advice. Our experienced team of experts is always a phone call away to assist you to reassess your needs and the security of your wealth in these trying times.

We understand that not everybody has the same appetite for risk or the same needs. And as we’re dedicated to helping you get the most from your wealth, we also understand the need for a holistic approach, taking into account everything that matters to you and your family – from retirement planning to risk cover; from investment advice and whether or not to diversify into structured products, discretionary fund management or a bespoke portfolio; from tax planning to creating trusts designed specifically for you; from estate planning to creating offshore companies, or securing international mortgages. And more.

Are you, your family and your financial stability protected from the unpredictability of life today? Give us a call today and let us help you reassess and make the best cast in these troubled waters.

Craig Featherby

Group Managing Director

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