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Hang tight… It’s November! (Aka: Drag-Your-Feet Month)

By: Craig Featherby


Hang Tight – It’s November! I am not as concerned about the unsightly “Movember moustaches” that range from creative to hideous but rather more consumed with reminding my workforce that it is aka drag your feet month.
Okay so we are halfway through November. Most people you speak to are either running off their feet in preparation for Christmas or running away from the idea of having a massive spend month.  2015 has not been the easiest year for many families with the papers bringing doom and gloom into our homes on a daily basis. The reminder to prepare ourselves of a potential water crisis in the future, to getting children into schools early as there is a shortage of space, to the latest and very sad “Paris Terrorist Atrocity”.   Most South African’s are concerned about the economy and most of us wishing for a “Stimulus Package” in the hopes that Government will put together a package of economic measures in order to stimulate a floundering economy in order to reinvigorate and reverse a possible recession.
Having said all of the above – most intelligent people will know that the current situation may be worse than we ever predicted, however, it is also time for us to put our intelligence caps on and reverse our own mindsets and patterns of thought with regard to dealing with the now which is getting through the year and beyond and considering our futures ahead.  At this time of the year it is more sensible to deal with the current issues at hand, as it is often a time when one can feel pretty much overwhelmed.  Time to be the positive one in our homes, time to remember to make silly jokes, not to overspend and to work at full pace until the holidays and to prepare for that extra spend in order to ensure that the fate of over-spending does not befall us.
November is actually an exciting month if confronted correctly. We can re-learn and can correct bad behavioural patterns, to find that inner strength, to dig-deep, to rediscover who we really are.


“Look well into thyself, there is a source of strength which will always spring up if thou wilt always look” – Marcus Aurelius


This is the time of the year that I get excited. I like to analyse and measure where I started and ended, except that we have not yet ended – this is a time to give the big push.  It gives me perspective and drive for the year ahead.  Most of us look forward to the holidays. Of course we do. However, let’s not have a holiday mindset until our holidays are due.  Stay focused, meet your targets, impress your seniors, impress your family with your drive, be happy, and never take short cuts. It is simply not worth it.
It is also a time of patience. My wish for all readers of this newsletter is for you to remember that leaving 10 minutes earlier for that all-important meeting will alleviate road rage. It will give you time to listen to a motivational CD in your car or it will allow you to catch yourself singing to a tune on the radio.
Most of all, if you can attempt to bring positivity into the workplace, to your colleagues, to your family and friends the positives will always outweigh the negatives and you will be fully prepared, ready and able to make December an easier month without the usual madness it so often brings.
Here’s to a brilliant month of motivation and bringing your best until it is time to rest, party and play!

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