At Carrick Wealth, our offering extends beyond investment. We strive to provide additional essential solutions to diversify and grow your portfolio.


Diversify your portfolio and explore investing in international property with access to secure, high-growth and developed property jurisdictions.


Gain access to foreign exchange solutions that provide fast, secure, and cost-effective access to foreign currencies.


Optimise and grow your investments with Private Wealth Managers dedicated to helping you get the most out of your wealth.


Comprehensive wealth management and financial advisory services, for British citizens and others currently working or residing in the UK.


Join a community of like-minded women and take charge of your financial future by building goal-based investment plan. 

Why Carrick? Our People are our Greatest Investment

Carrick is a respected and service-driven firm in the wealth and asset management industry. Our company prides itself on the high calibre of its professional team and which is matched seamlessly to the equally high expectations of its high-net-worth clients.

Were you, therefore, to consider a career in this dynamic industry, why would you want to join Carrick? And why would Carrick want to appoint you? Before we answer these two questions, we need to state, upfront, that we always aspire to deliver the best professional service possible to our clients in order to protect and grow their wealth.

Perhaps you are drawn to the high energy of financial markets and the investment environment. Or you are someone who likes to listen, solve and help others achieve their ideals. Maybe you’re a visionary planner who can take the long-term view in negotiating the twists and turns of wealth and asset management. Or a people’s person with a knack for figures. Or someone who knows about the world of collectibles. Or someone who likes the buzz and excitement of finance and can bat away the curved balls and unravel the knots. Or a talented, bright person with a zest for life, looking for the right environment in which to realise your full potential.

Whatever it is that floats your boat, if your expectations match ours and those of our clients, there may be a place for you at Carrick.


What are we looking for?

Ideally, you should be driven and focused, placing a high value on moral integrity, and someone who walks the bridge between knowledge, learning and personal career growth. Not only will you build a book of high-net-worth clients who rely on you for outstanding advice, but you will also be playing your part as a Carrick ambassador in leading wealth and capital management into a new realm of professionalism, integrity and success. We would expect you to unreservedly share our vision of the need for a marked shift in the financial landscape towards a higher level in every respect.

Ethical professionalism is the key, and we view ourselves as highly successful and innovative market leaders: that is the brand you will be expected to represent enthusiastically at all times, professionally and in your person.

At Carrick you will have a high degree of independence in which to develop your personal qualities, hone your professional skills and earn an excellent income, all with full company backing where you need it. But you will also be expected to work within a team, adding value to our business, to each other and to our client portfolios. We offer our clients – and they expect of us – the most experienced, discreet specialist advisers in their respective fields, ones who can deliver individualised, bespoke investment solutions … big shoes to fill.

Carrick is a growing company, grounded in the time-proven aspects of capital and wealth management, but enhanced by a dynamic pioneering outlook. Our directorship is one of the most experienced in the world, and leading specialists in Africa. Our recruitment team pays meticulous attention to assessing every applicant’s background and potential. We seek to give successful individuals the chance to thrive at Carrick so that they may contribute to the success of our company and to our clients. As we grow, you grow.

Working for Carrick

  • A truly South African company owned and managed by South Africans committed to this country; yet, with a wider African and offshore presence: Carrick is fast-growing to be the #1 offshore advisory firm on the continent.
  • We have international presence and are licensed in every jurisdiction in which we operate. Accountability to regulators in the services we provide is key.
  • We jealously guard our independence, which means you, as an associate, will also be truly independent and not tied to pushing specific financial products
  • Our associates and other employees all share a common culture of excellence and place a high value on our integrity and professionalism.
  • As a new associate you will be guaranteed appointments and leads and be backed by the strongest management team in the industry.
  • With our wide product spread you will have access to solutions from major investment houses and insurance companies coupled with global institutional representation.
  • You will enjoy a high degree of independence and be able to control your own potential to earn. At the same time you will receive ongoing mentorship from industry professionals and constant guidance and training. Carrick encourages you to improve your industry qualifications every step of the way.
  • Carrick’s growth is nurtured by its commitment to integrity and ethics, professionalism, the diversity of its people and a spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship, with a strong service culture.


We asked a few Carrick associates what it is that drew them to Carrick, and what they see as being some of the ideal attributes those who wish to join Carrick should have.


If you wish to apply for a position…

Call our head office on  +27 (0)21 201 1000 and ask to speak to a recruiter or email your CV to


What our associates say…


Ian Edwards – Associate Manager, Johannesburg office

Ian Edwards has a diverse background in multiple business environments and sectors and has been involved in the offshore advisory sector for several years. Apart from managing the Johannesburg office and its Associates, his specific focus areas include pension legislation advisory, global retirement planning, discretionary trust structure review/planning and portfolio management. He previously worked as an Independent Financial Advisor (IFA) in the local market before specialising in international markets. As an avid sports fan he has also actively been involved in business advisory projects in the professional sports world. Ian holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree, a FAIS regulatory 5 qualification, CISI Wealth Management certificate (International) and INSETA-accredited Wealth Management diploma (South African).


What attracted Ian to Carrick?

  • The opportunity for Associates to run their ‘own businesses’ within Carrick: ‘ …you have Carrick support and backing, while you can be entrepreneurial and set your own income potential…’
  • A unique management philosophy with a ‘strong focus on training and mentorship so that associates will not fail’
  • Much emphasis on ‘thorough research of potential clients’ before they are approached.
  • A ‘rigorous application and interview process conducted by a very professional human resources department’, with no-one joining the team because of inside connections
  • It ‘never is about selling products’ – after lengthy and detailed conversations between a Carrick team and the client, the latter is assisted to make decisions about his/her best options, which is ‘very different from other financial services firms’
  • Personal growth possibilities in the company are open-ended without a predetermined structure, with ‘no age restrictions imposed’.


Ian, in his capacity as Associate Manager, thinks that prospective Carrick employees should …

  • Bring diversity to the firm; have self-ambition; be entrepreneurial; be confident when dealing with high net worth individuals, and have the ability to take control of a situation.
  • Present yourself with great care in personal appearance; pay attention to your dress code; take care in making a first impression and carry yourself with professional ease.
  • Knowledge and professionalism are very important, while you should be able to ‘use your cultural background as added advantage in dealing clients’.
  • Not shy away from being accountable.


Anthony Palmer – Associate: International ownership structures and investments

Anthony’s diverse past experiences travelling in the East and in the UK after qualifying as  a chartered accountant at Wits. His youthful entrepreneurial endeavours include importing shirts from Bali and selling them on Camps Bay beach. He previously worked for JP Morgan and Deutsche Bank in London and then and spent five years as the bank’s managing director, heading Alternative Risk Management, on Wall Street, New York. In 2009 he returned to South Africa to start a bridging finance company and became involved in private equity investments. His primary focus is on international ownership structures and investments. Anthony also has a number of personal business interests which range from a food production company in Ghana to a Pretoria refinery and a US tech company – all passive investments now so that he can concentrate fully on building his business at Carrick.


What attracted Anthony to Carrick?

  • ‘I needed to get back to the financial markets and what I really enjoy: speaking to people and solving problems – Carrick provided this.’
  • ‘Carrick’s emphasis on integrity and not compromising on its core principles … I am proud to be associated with the brand.’
  • ‘The space and backing … to allow me to constantly strive to provide the best advice and service to my clients, which requires spending much time on the review  of tax and pension legislation developing new and innovative solutions.’
  • ‘As a relatively new company, Carrick has established its business model and ethics around the requirements of a modern financial advisory firm.’
  • Its ‘focus is on excellence … and ensuring the client receives the most appropriate advice and world class service, while being able to react swiftly to market changes.’
  • ‘I know Carrick is invested in me and my future is whatever I want it to be, while I have the full support of the company.’
  • ‘Carrick functions as a meritocracy with an open-door policy.’
  • ‘Carrick avoids the layered cost structures typical of this industry and its fees policy is much more transparent, moral and forward-looking.’


Anthony, in his capacity as Associate, thinks that prospective Carrick employees should …

  • Understand clients’ current financial positions, their current and future needs, their fears and their dreams, and provide bespoke solutions and actionable plans accordingly
  • Be someone who knows what he/she wants out of life and can determine his/her own future
  • Commit to regular contact with clients to review their changing situations and future needs
  • Be open-minded and able to sell; be confident but not arrogant; be intelligent and able to grasp complex concepts
  • Place a high value on honesty and trust.


Fred van Niekerk – Associate Manager, Cape Town office

After leaving  Stellenbosch University, Fred worked in the microfinance industry before seeking better opportunities in London, where he was given his ‘chance in life’ in the UK financial services industry, in which he has spent 16 years, rising through the ranks of management. On returning to South Africa he joined Carrick. Fred now manages a team of associates in Carrick Wealth’s Cape Town office. He is also involved in producing leads for the business and helps train new employees. His role involves motivating employees, providing direction, setting goals, disciplinary issues and day-to-day administration.


 What attracted Fred to Carrick?

  • The opportunity to ‘earn exceptionally well based on my own delivery and performance’, with backing from Carrick
  • ‘Carrick offered me personal career advancement opportunities I did not have before.’
  • The ‘high level of individualised, client-centric service’, with associates and clients being carefully matched
  • Carrick ‘fiercely protects its independence and does not merely sell products or “close deals”, but helps clients find the best solution for their needs….’
  • Gained knowledge and ‘problem-solving experiences are shared in-house for the benefit of all’
  • ‘At Carrick one’s own drive, intelligence and will to succeed takes precedence over selection criteria such as age or level of education’.
  • Carrick has ‘a unique training programme’ with a strong focus on individual mentoring, career guidance and ongoing evaluation of employees.
  • The ‘management style is transparent and consultative …’
  • People working at Carrick are of a ‘very high calibre’ – carefully selected, trained and nurtured, benefiting the employee, the company and the client.


Fred, in his capacity as Associate Manager, thinks that prospective Carrick employees should …

  • Believe that he/she can contribute more and be valued accordingly
  • Be driven to succeed; be intelligent and possess a service ethic
  • Have a high level of ethics and moral fortitude – ‘the only way to succeed in this industry’
  • Be able to develop in tandem with Carrick to be better than the industry benchmark
  • Be able to ‘align your own abilities, skills and character with the mentoring you will receive’
  • Be able to work with high-calibre professionals
  • Go the extra mile in giving good advice to clients rather than focusing on the deal
  • Accept a 3-month probation and ‘an initial period of belt-tightening’ before starting to earn
  • Undergo training and development of your skills until such time as the company is satisfied
  • Be fully committed to the industry and the company to become a master of your craft.


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